Tournament Payouts!

When you are playing in a tourney, and there are MORE! than 20 players, it is hard to get to the final 3 players.(I’m also a begginner) so, when there are more than 20 players in that tournament, maybe the 4th and 5th place finisher, gets a quarter, a half, 3 quarters, or all of their money back, depending on the cost to get into that tournament. It’s just a giant waste of time for people to get to the 4th and 5th finishes in tourneys over 20 people. It’s just a thought, but it would be much better. Does anybody agree? comment yes or no. thank you!

I see what you mean. You have a point here. If i’m right there is a payout from 5 players with 30 or 31 entries or more. With less than 30 or 31 a payout from 3 players.

I see space to change it a bit. Payout a 4th player with less entries. Maybe payout 4 prices with 25 entries and 5 prices with 30 entries?

The prizepool must remain attractive

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current state is ok

I hate it when i finish just out of the money but, it happens if everybody got a piece it would make first less valuable leave things the way they are. there is always someone unhappy about something.

You’re right flatdirtmammy because if it were changed you would not win as much as you do - I have went back and checked many tourneys and the same ones win or are in the stakes that you win - over and over and over - makes some of not want to play at all - just because of that - check it out you will see same people at least win three a day

Same people at least win three a day? What you mean with that?

I think that are the good tour players.

keep the same payouts, but if you finish 4th or 5th get half tourney buy in money back, NOT affecting the 1st 2nd and 3rd prizes.

not a bad idea if 4 and 5 get there money back it does not have to effect the payout because all the buy in money is not payed out like it used to be its not real money so im not sure why RR is taking some off the top anyway

@Jmon 1,The rake for keep the chips economy in balanced level.( btw , its not there yet) 2, If no rake, the chip count increase too fast from new players.

  1. This is what in real casinos/tournaments , with real money, RP want it to make the game realistic, as much as possible.

Back to topic. This idea , is good, already of the knowledge of the RP staff . ( lil bit more exiting and more complicated tho) its not decided yet, and need lots of software work to make thet happen. Most likely its not in the first 100 in the to-do list.

Hi Jmon, the reason we take a rake and tournament fee is like Marcipan says, to try and keep the internal economy more balanced. We give away lots of free chips both to new players, top-ups, daily bonuses and freerolls. If we didn’t have a way to take some of these free chips out of the system, then over time players would play with ever larger bankrolls, from 1000s to 10,000s, 100,000s to millions to billions. By removing some chips from the system it helps to keep the amount of money in circulation more balanced. It’s just the same as a real economy where a government decides to just create a lot of money out of thin air, what happens next is inflation and then the dollar in your pocket isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. Hope that explanation helps to explain why we started charging fees!