Ranking tournaments

do you think its fair to have a tourney only if you ranked a certain no? i for one think its worth setting it up.
ive been playing this 50k tourney consistently and i see these few players absolutely no concept of the game and calling and raising on utter trash…and getting lucky…earlier maybe there were 2/4 players now atleast 10 of those who are just pure sick to play with…today i knew this guy constantly raising on pure trash but i was short stacked and dont much faith in the dealer i let it go…finally i got fed up of his crap that he raised 300 chips and i went all in with 2300 chips with pocket 9s he calls with k4 offsuit and hits k on river…i for knew clearly i had him prelop and other hands as well…now there are about 8/10 of these players i dont even know which country those flags ive never seen them rather lack of knowledge on country flags…but they just ruin the game…and ironical part they all play the same way yes ofcourse they never win the tourney as after an hour or two you get caught but they take down 10 to 15 players along the way with thier stupid calls…then again the support is the dealer they get the cards and here is what they do raise preflop hit nothing on flop and bet huge every single time they play maybe every hand above 67 or 910…yes ive been beaten by them last two days
yesterday in a 100k tourney i raised 165 chips with ak suited and this guy ranked `122k calls with 103 and the flop has a 3 with two lower cards…ok so i called thinking he has nothing just checked his rank and called…i didnt hit…now explain to me -how many players you know is gong to call a raise (most know im not some idiot) if im raising then its with a definite premium hand…no one would call unless they had suited connectors or non suited to the least…just gets you so mad…a bad beat ok thats the deal of the cards…but this bs callers?
why not have a tourney which plays ranked players -say 10k and below- 5k and below just a different category of games.im no discriminating any player …just to make it exciting …think it will be fun…
any comments/suggestions?

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The concept of having tourneys limited to players of similar skills is a valid one…Top 33%, Middle 33%, Lower 34% for example.
The problem is how to determine skill levels. Currently, rankings are only loosely associated with skill. When you can increase your ranking by liking a page on Facebook, inviting a friend, or volunteering to be a Rep, the rankings obviously can’t be considered to be an accurate representation of skill on the tables.
If/when a play-based ranking system is implemented, tourneys limited to certain rankings would be interesting to try IMO.

Interesting idea jazz, and I have seen much of the same. Seen it over and over. Worst thing is they’ve beaten me many times as well, with a pocket that didn’t meet the call or raise.


Whittaker you are absolutely correctI have to admit although I suggested a rank based tournament/s,The ranking structure is purely not based on your chips earned but based on earned + bought hence in the true sense a player ranked 100k can be ranked even under 100 mathematically…of course that’s if he has money to burn and pay millions of chips…so its possible the ranking may not project the true quality of a player…I know one player I saw one day below 500k and the next day he had over 9 million…but in order to have this kind of a tourney we will have to turn a blind eye to the players who purchase large chunks of chips…the only thing here is if hes so bad hes just going to make replay richer which is fine its a site its got its way of raising monies…but if we close our eyes to this aspect I still believe we will have a good 80 to 90% players who don’t buy chips and win on pure merit of the game…or am I too high on the percentage of merit players?

another aspect I find we should most definitely change is the bubble winners!!! the way it stands if you bubble you lost the buy in and you lose your ranking…I think ranking should be truly and only based on tournament play…means even if you bubble you don’t necessary are downgraded on your rank but based on points earned in that tournament…take the case of those who bubble more than a few times in a million chips buy in…he earns nothing to merit his place in the bubble,loses tons of chips and gets downgraded he is no different from the person coming last…

yes we have a monthly winner for max chips but I think we could do something about the players just outside of the winnings and lower on…i think its a double whammy losing chips and rank for a bubble position

larry…welcome to the jungle!!! lmao!!! somehow I have managed to trap them more often than losing to them and glad not the other way around…if they got more of my measure I would have quit poker by now…I sometimes don’t understand their bets whatsoever as there is absolutely no mathematical chance his/her hand can win and still keep calling you raise even on the river…i don’t know whats written against my name there-but im sure it doesn’t say -idiot player don’t fold to him keep calling…

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one thing I get puzzled with is this, I make a good raise they call me with ( insert any junk hand here) and their hand hits. next hand someone else will raise and they fold. my question has always been what on earth are they folding with? why couldn’t they fold when I raise, but fold when someone else raises preflop? it just makes no sense at all.

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That’s the problem. No method to their madness.

I just don’t understand it. I think there has to be reason they call one preflop raise with a junk hand and next hand fold when someone else raises preflop. do these players know something that we don’t? I am just trying to understand their logic .

Maybe a top 10000, top 5000, and top 1000 tourney?

A Tournament Structure like that seems interesting and logical. vg LL

Top 1,000

Give everyone a tourney and only one tourney.
Why would you give #500 three more tourneys and #11000 none?
And why would you let #1 beat up on #10000 if the idea is to group skill?

Ranking does not have much meaning. Its, as its clearly said in the site, only based on the bank roll. May be some exclusive tournaments for only those in the monthly leader boards. I am not for it though. It should be open. Loose players will fall off in first fifteen twenty minutes. After that tournaments offer clean games, imo.


I totally agree @narench
This grouping of player by “skill” in special tourneys is utter nonsense in my opinion. There is no way to determine the level of skill, and the ranks are purely based on bankrolls.
Bingo players exist in all ranks from first to last, and no matter which group of ranks is playing in a tourney, we will still see the same complaints from the same people about the same things.
This is not a solution to anything. It’s just a useless discrimination based on ranks and it won’t solve any of the problems people are nagging about.


@jazzbythebay I have seen you complain over and over about the same thing in the forums, in multiple threads, and before now, I have avoided replying because of previous experiences with over-sensitive people who don’t accept criticism even when it’s constructive. Hoping that you’re not one of them, I would like to give you my point of view on the matter this time.

You keep complaining that players keep calling your huge bets with very weak cards, and still beat you on the river. I see you always blaming it on the other players, and focusing on their ranks. Have you ever thought about reviewing your own strategy and trying to find out why other players keep calling your bets?

I have played with you a few times, and I have some notes about you. My notes say that your only strategy is to ALWAYS make high bets in the hope that others would fold, even though you don’t have a top hand. My note to self is to always call your bets even if I have pair 2’s, as you always overestimate your hand and you always count on scaring others into folding.
I’m not a calling station, and I usually fold to huge bets when I don’t have a strong hand, but I have to adjust according to the other players of course, and with you, it’s almost always predictable. I believe that anyone else who has played with you and knows your strategy, will always call your bet with certainty that they will get a better hand.

Your example of going all in preflop with pocket 9’s just proves my point. Did you really expect everyone else to fold their kings and aces and queens just because you went all in? I would have definitely folded K4o if it was any other player, but if I was playing against you that day and I had K4o and you went all in preflop, I would have called as well, only because of my notes, and because I know you always overestimate your hands.

My only advice, and I hope you can seriously consider it, is to review and maybe change your strategies and the way you evaluate your hands and accordingly bet, and try to find the problem not in other players, and not in their ranks, but in your own strategy. Tourneys with players ranking in the same range is not the answer to your problem, I assure you.

All the best…

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maya….thank you for your analysis of my game…unfortunetly you got It all wrong and I think you you are dreaming if you think I play like that…I have no clue what notes you take down…any player whom I have been playing with over the years will not vouch for your comment.Firstly I would not go all in on pocket 99s against anyone else on the table except this guy as I know hes going to call on crap and he did and for the record on his raise everyone had already folded it was a heads up all in between him and me so your point of saying others will fold on aa kk is wrong and not the situation…those reading this message and whom I play with will agree I wont go all in with 99…I don’t bet huge often my raises are mini raises even with AA and depending on the no of players,stack etc…im doing pretty ok if you wish to check the leader boards across 5 of them hence I don’t think my strategy is bad or wrong…
you really have made a poor analysis here amd regret you cannot be more wrong…but If you think you are right good for you but I don’t agree with you nor will the rest of the players friends or not…
yeah I do complain about the site,dealer,players and hats off to the lovely people…its just my opinion and im entitled to one.
but its all good,this is your perception you may stay with it…good luck at the tables god bless and wish you the very best always…

We are always looking for new concepts to try out and we are flexible enough to give anything which looks viable and interesting a trial, but this would require careful thought before implementation.

There is quite a big danger of such tournaments being seen as excluding players and that’s not the Replay way. We want to encourage participation as much as possible.

Is it not enough that a 50,000 or 100,000 chip entry is restricted to players with at least that many chips?

Really like to hear ideas and feedback like this though, Thanks for sharing.


as you taking notes this might be a good one for you-
20k buy in game- sitting with 5000 chips and so does my 56k ranked opponent.i get qq I raise 1600 chips on a 100 blind call…56k ranked players calls preflop with 89 and there is 10J on flop and I go all in and ofcourse there was a call and hits 7 on river…now you can question answer yourself on this one…its not rocket science to understand it.

not to forget the 100k game where in I went all in with QK as I was short stacked with 1300 chips got called by two others…flop was JJK one was chasing and missed straight the other had nothing on the flop but was all in with A5 he hits Ace on turn…
I guess the above tallies with your notes?

If these actions don’t confirm my notes, I don’t know what does.

maya go to the table and check who the player was, no of players,position of player,chip stack,no of callers…without this information you have no information or authority to make a judgement call…I really don’t care what you think but I don’t even recall even playing with you once and I see you nowhere near any ladder nor have I ever visited your page-but your vision of the game is limited.without the above information you know nothing but the shell of the hand…you can avoid your bs comments and be cordial that’s all I can expect from you.go ask anyone for their judgement call on the shell of it…your notes would be in tatters…don’t wish to discuss any further with you and honestly your comments don’t have any meaningful ground…you cant even argue the call just your notes…peace out.