Heads Up Tourney

Just saying, I would love a heads-up bracket tourney. It would probably have to be multi-day or something, but would totally be worth it.

Just an idea


i defenitely like the idea.
perhaps possible with a tournament tree, so you can start with 4,8,16,32,64 etc. players.

if you wanna make it even more interesting, you can start with poules in the preliminaries. that way it gives even another dimension in the game, and there are more possibilities in player amounts.

of course, if the second option will be too difficult to apply, the first one would be fun as well.

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Yeah, agreed. It would also be fun if there were some that you had to qualify for, and some that were just low stakes and easy to join.

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Just chatted about this yesterday and like the idea! This is something we wouldn’t be able to set up without tech help, so it will take longer to get off the ground than some other promotional ideas, but we’ve added it to the list and plan to get this going at some point. :slight_smile:


Sounds great! I’ll look forward to playing.

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@fizzymint Any word on if this will happen or is it unlikely?

Our major focus has been upgrading our client, so things that would take a lot of work have been sidelined until completion. Once completed, there will be many player suggestions we’ll be prioritizing and moving forward on, and this is still something we’re considering!

Things are getting closer … :slight_smile: