Please create tourney for real players!

I noticed especially on free tourneys that there r a lot of 'PLAYERS" I use that term loosely bcuz I don’t consider them real players, who go all in every other hand pre-flop. Is it possible to create a tourney where your rank decides who gets in? I can’t imagine these people r actually successful in the long run and ranked high!

longireland69, bingo players are the bane of all play for fun sites. There’s only so much as a site we can do to influence how players play, given they’re playing within the rules, if not the spirit of the game. You’re obviously going to encounter a higher quality play the higher the stakes, higher the buy-ins. In the future we intend to add hosts at some tables who have the ability to kick players that they feel are disrupting the game for other players. Tournaments are a harder nut to crack, if you have any suggestions we’d love to hear then. Re. the rank being a factor in joining, that’s a good idea… right now rank isn’t smart at all, but when we roll out an improved ranking system, we could certainly look to have restrictions on some tournaments for certain players. I think this is a topic we need to get more input from the community on.

Bring back gold for that.

Thx Paul and I do play 20,30k buy ins and you’re right there is very few bingo players.

I could never understand why people complain about bingo players, heck that’s who I win my chips from, be patient and you can count on them to enhance the pot when you have a winning hand. Heck I love em! Its the good players that are hard to get chips from. Now,if you can find a way to make the good players go away and leave the bingo players at the table…well, lets just say I’m in. Watch how they play and let them step in it.