Queen high flush vs Trips + Ace kicker

I don’t know if you’re allowed to share a hand in which you were just spectating (I was at the table, but folded early). If we aren’t allowed to do that, I’ll delete this.

I wanted to know what other players would’ve done here if they were playing as either one of the players involved in the hand by the river, and also what do you think the third player’s hand was.


It’s so hard to analyse hands like these. One thing I know is that Rob Ad2d can not win tournaments, probably goes for MEL QsTs and B49 PFR as well, unless they God run. The guy with the Ad2d should have never ever EVA let that flop limp around. I have know clue why he would do that. I mean he busted anyway right, and he was going to because even if he shoved QsTs is never folding. That doesn’t justify him letting it go though. He probably has no clue about equities or pot odds. So, what should have happened… Rob should have just fold Ad2d, it’s too weak to play from UTG for an open and limp calling is horrible. B49 opened and one caller to mel, I guess I’m okay with mels flat in the sb since he’s likely to get to see flops a ton vs these passive players. He’s going to have to be disciplined post flop though as he’s going dominated a lot. Rob now that he screwed up pre and limped has to call closing the action with a suited wheel A. On the flop Mel should be x with the intention of x/c or x/r, I could go either way but lean towards x/r as that board isn’t great for 49’s range and we should be able to barrel him off ott if we miss our draw. Rob should absolutely be popping it up on this flop having the effective nuts and flush draws out there that he can get tons of value from. 49, no idea what he’s doing, clicking back as the PFR facing a min bet and call and then comes back on the turn with a pot size bet folds the river. Maybe he KK, I don’t know. This whole hand was dumb and it makes my head hurt, it could be that I’m up way too late right now. Cheers. I feel like I just rambled on here, but I honestly don’t know how to explain this train wreck. I guess mel played it the best, but he was working with the nut draws so he had the easy path. He still had huge leaks in his approach to this hand and they must be everywhere in his game. I would put notes on all 3 of them and the note would simply say “FISH”

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P.S. No dayman, that’s not the problem :wink:

Honestly, it’s not worth analyzing these hands, these min-bets, 20x raises just make no sense anyway, plus the plays themselves… I’m sorry to give you such a non-informative answer Starkiller, but dayman is right…


It was a Freeroll with a payout of 100k over 30 places.
I would be all-in with top pair, trips or a flush draw. If I didn’t have any of those hands I would still go all-in…because, why not?

Thanks for the reply. This is exactly what I was looking for: Not only whether they did right or wrong in their play, but what you would consider a good way to play those hands in that situation.

whoooo-doggies, these were fun hands :grin:



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Yes they were :slight_smile:

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I got the PM. I thought it wasn’t addressed at me, but rather to the other players, since it said to welcome me, that’s why I didn’t reply.

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UTG+2 open bigger over UTG limper, something like 4.5 to 5.5 x. Can go bigger depending on table dynamics, if you’re getting a lot of calls pre from garbage charge the hell out of em with those premiums. Why are we c-betting 1/13th pot on the flop with 2 overs and nut flush draw?

fold Q8o pre, this is a terrible hand to be limping. Other than that, well played.

I hope these guys you’re playing with make it to higher stakes, I don’t know what the hell they’re doing but I’d like to play with them. Who over bets a 4 liner to a str8 flush and then the other guy calls… ugh!