Did I play this one OK?

I wasn’t really ahead until the end, but I felt like I should call even though I had dropped to 2nd pair on the Turn.


Damn nice hand! Your 1st or is the an all-the-time thing for you :wink:

I had a draw on a Royal Flush once and overbet the pot and didn’t get to see if I made it.

I also had one in a game of Royal, but that’s a lot less rare.

I still lost the game this took place in. I think I misplayed this hand, for the record. I should have bet pot or shoved when I paired the King on the flop. As usual. Just got real lucky on the river. But it was a situation where enough chips were in that shoving after he raised me on the Turn was probably the only reasonable thing to do.

These are such short games that top pair on the flop is pretty much good for stacks. What a rush to make a Royal though. I’ve had 1 here, 1 online for cash (huge pot vs a full house) but none live.

Not quite as impressive as your hand but how do you feel about this one? I think I got about as much value as I could from it - maybe could have shoved the river? https://www.replaypoker.com/hand/replay/457220295

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Trips on the board always spells trouble for someone who just made a boat. I’m surprised you got both players still in the hand to call there. The guy with the weak flush especially was outclassed, the guy with AJ probably felt he was good, but I don’t think I would have called that one if it were me. I’ve seen a lot of tripped-up boards here, and most of the time if you’re looking at it and don’t have quads, you’re beat if someone bets like that. I guess you have to pay to see it when you’re on a boat though.

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Well, the guy with the flush limped in with T5s UTG so he wasn’t exactly a strong player. The guy with AJ who limped behind got punished more for it by letting me see a free flop. Even a min raise and I fold that hand so I’m out of the picture. Weak play just reduces everything to a matter of who hit the flop hardest. Still, it always feels nice to make quads and triple up in the process :slight_smile:

You could really fold the full house there? That’s a tight fold man.

Try this one out for size: closing in on your Royal - another few games and I’ll get there :slight_smile: Hand #457228308 · Replay Poker

Super kind of him to shove into me when I have the stone cold nuts.

Didn’t last long in this one though - it went all donkey-bombing on me and 1 guy got a concussion from the deck hitting him in the head so hard and so often :slight_smile:

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7s full of aces would have been the hardest to fold, other than Aces full of 7s… Still whenever there’s 3 on the board, I’m thinking quads, and hoping to slow down and win a small pot if hit a boat rather than risk a lot on someone else beating me with their nut monster. When someone raises big like that, it basically comes down to how credible they are, and whether your stack has them dominated. If I’m 10:1 over you, I probably don’t mind calling, but if it’s only 2:1, I’m looking to win your chips on a different hand. I’ve seen a few board where the flop is three of a kind, and these tend to get no action because everyone’s afraid someone has the fourth, and whoever does have it is certain that everyone will fold to any bet. It’s a little different when the fourth comes later, admittedly.

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