---Fish Alert---

Get yer fresh trout, right here

What’d you have, a flush?

I wouldn’t be so hard on yourself, but yes, your betting game needs work.

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Yep, Pug. flopped the nut. Went for the trap.
Yep, SPG. At the very least realize once the board went trips, all he needed was a pair. Before I bet, I mean. :slightly_smiling_face:
I’ve kinda gotten away from ‘take the money and run’, exclusively. When you do that, hands like this happen, sometimes. way it goes.

Just out of curiosity, why did you bet 200 into an 8,500 pot on the river? What did you hope to accomplish there?

something i do when i think the hand is a done deal. usually everyone folds, meaning i don’t have to show my hand, but I’m surprised how many times someone will donate the extra 2BB. I don’t like showing my hand if i can help it.
seems i was wrong, this time.

Here is my semi-unsolicited advice/analysis:

Your bet size pre-flop is way too small. In a full-ring tourney facing a limper with ~45bb effective (70 behind), you need to be raising to at least 3.5x or maybe even 5x because people call too much. What is 2x going to accomplish but get you in a multi-way pot (as it did)?

As played, you have to bet on the flop and bet big. The slow-play is no good because another heart on the turn kills your action and a paired board could mean big trouble (as it did). So, you should bet like full pot against so many opponents because you can get called by sets/two-pairs/smaller flushes/or Qx/Tx with a big heart kicker. No need to trap on Replay except maybe heads-up pots against good players. Yes, someone made a fishy raise behind you preflop, but it was tiny and may show they have a hand they might overvalue like AA/KK/QQ/AQ.

As played, the turn is terrible for you. Against 3 opponents a nut flush on a paired board is still strong, but very iffy if they start betting big. Based on your opponent’s bet size, I might have folded because players don’t usually get aggressive unless they have the nuts at these stakes, but because you are so strong and he can have trip queens or a smaller flush, calling is fine. Raising is not good because he can definitely have boats. But apparently it was fine because he called with worse. Yes, their call was not good there, but other than that their play throughout the hand was fine.

On the river, you need to check back, and as played instant fold against the all-in. A full house might as well be nothing on this board after going to the flop with 4 opponents.

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