SNG Final hand, I won -- but did I play it well?

I don’t want to put my bias on this hand, so I’ll let it stand without comment, and solicit your opinions.

Nothing wrong with it. Some tweaks in bet sizes would help in the future I think. OK with the min raise preflop, though I think 2.2-2.5x is a better standard open if you have a little play in your stack. Doesn’t sound like a big deal but those extra fractions of a BB in position add up. On the coordinated flop where you banged TP, I would have preferred a larger c-bet. 50% pot is folding exactly nothing with even a sniff of that board. 66-75% on coordinated textures that favor your range. You can stay small on the dry flops.

When you turn 2 pair, you size up a lot and that’s fine. He has something and you want to charge 1-pair and drawing hands. The brick river that he shoves is just strange unless he was slow playing the flopped straight. You would have thought that he’d raise all better 2-pair combos at some point so you have a relatively easy call here.

Nice job on the win.

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Agreed with most of @1Warlock’s points. The below are only minor tweaks.

If you’re getting a lot of folds with your minraise preflop, I don’t hate it, as it could allow you to open wider (perhaps even 100% of your range!) more cheaply. That said, if the villain is always calling those smaller raises, agreed on bumping up your open size when in position.

As played on the flop, I might have gone slightly smaller on the turn - about 90% pot - so that the bet size with respect to the pot would be roughly the same between turn and river (assuming a jam), but it wouldn’t be significant.

Again, these are only minor deviations from the actions you took. In general, your line was entirely appropriate. Nice work.


I’m interested knowing what range you can narrow my villain to at each decision point. I had a good enough read on my opponent that I was able to call when they shoved, despite holding a hand that wasn’t the nuts from the flop forward.

HU ranges are going to be very wide. Facing a min-raise, OOP, I’ll be 3-betting about 20-25% of hands, and calling with everything but the bottom ~20% or so. As a result, when V calls, he’s probably near the middle-top of his range on the flop, since just about all kings and quite a few queens would have 3-bet, as would all ATs, 98s, and probably 98o.

Personally, I probably wouldn’t have a check-call range on the turn, opting to either shove or fold. Holding a really weak jack, this would probably be a turn fold.

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That’s my feeling, too. When he called the turn, I got worried that 2 pair might be a mirage, and he could have T9 or AT. I’m not sure why he called the turn, but I may have set him up by bluffing a few hands and getting called, losing small pots. So I have to assume he thought I must be betting air.

Get Flopzilla (under $30) and play around with it. Probably the best tool for figuring out opponents ranges and your equity against them. You can filter out hands street by street. If you spend 15 minutes a day looking at hands you play on various board textures, you’ll get to the point where its intuitive. IMO, information is best retained when you acquire it for yourself. Its one thing to be told by another player how they came to their conclusions and quite another to come to them on your own.