Poker Challenge

I challenge JoeDirk to join a 1k Knockout SNG with me.

Not sure if I will have time to finish it, but if you are here, let’s do it.

I joined.

Also, I’m permanently muted for trash talking in case you try to message me in the chat.

I used to get under people’s skin all the time = )

Ah, I was kind of wondering.

Well, to summarize, I was card dead early on. Then I created a huge pot with a mediocre top pair (KT with the ten of diamonds) to only have to fold on a 4-diamond board because it seemed like my opponent had a big diamond. That crippled my stack, but I opened A4s, got called by the BB, flopped trip 4s, went all-in against what turned out to be top pair 7s with 87 and lost to a rivered 7. That’s poker.

It seemed like you were doing well. How did it go?

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Still playing - the guy that stacked you is still first in chips, I’m third.

Edit: I finished third - got short stacked and shoved with A 3 and the other guy called with Aces.

Edit 2: The guy who sucked out on you won.

You liked my Negreanu style small ball technique with the small raises and pot control when I don’t have a big hand? The stations still called when I hit (what was this guy thinking calling with that hand?? I thought the dude had a flush and would bet the river if I checked which is why I laid off)

Your open was good. The min-3-bet looks a lot like KK/AA but who knows. On the flop, check to the raiser is good. Don’t understand the 1bb bet with an ace, a gutshot, and a backdoor, but your call is fine. You definitely aren’t strong enough to raise.

Your bet on the turn was great. I’d think it was too big, except you got a call from an open-ended straight draw, so clearly it worked to get good value.

You need to bet the river. Your hand is effectively the nuts, and apart from the 1bb bet on the flop you can’t be sure they are going to bet. With only 765 left behind in a pot of nearly 3k, they are going to have to call a lot, and given that they called 900 on the turn it seems likely they would just call off. They can definitely have lots of flushes that have to call and maybe even something like 54, A5, or 78. Not sure if they call with their exact hand because they had no business calling the turn, but it seems like you could have gotten max value. The rest of the hand was well played.

Not super important, but because it is a bounty tournament, there is extra incentive for you to put them all-in to get that bounty.

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Hypothetically if you had a big flush would you call my big bet on the turn? And if you did and I checked on the river would you stab at it?

I think I should have shoved the river especially since I put him on a flush (although he probably wouldn’t call with his hand because he missed his draw but who knows lol).

If I had a big flush, I would definitely call your turn bet, although with only 765 behind I would probably just put it all in the middle.

If I did call and you checked to me on the river I would almost certainly shove the nut flush and if you have a boat, oh well. There are lots of overpairs you might be unwilling to fold. If I had a smaller flush it gets a bit closer. I would probably shove a lot of flushes because the pot is so big relative to effective stacks, but not everyone on Replay would. With a big flush, I would also call your shove every time, so I don’t think you are losing any value by shoving first. It would be tough to fold even a small flush for 765 into 3k.

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