Top set on monotone board against giant fish in 3BP OOP

I don’t know his exact limp/3bet range, since competent player should not have one with 130BB+ effective.
Pot bet is very strange from my opponent(fish) because on monotone boards usually proper sizing is 20-40% of the pot, especially IP in 3BP.
I probably would call against smaller sizing but with bigger sizing he represents strong overpairs, draws, weak flushes or complete trash, so I decided to raise small and go merge all-in in any turn card, if called.
With club, flop is probably check/call, but I don’t see ch/c vs pot bet in 3bet pot OOP w/o club since equity realizaton will be terrible, fish can get a lot of checkbacks on the turn and SPR will still be > 1.5

the only thing I would note is that instead of check raise I would check shove in value protection as long as he is ready to call all in, he will pay with his AK AQ AJ semi-bluffs with a club, and with all his overpairs.
If you check raise 2.5x and he just pays, he’ll fold some of the time with his AK AQ AK on the turn when you’ll go all-in, and if a club falls on the turn it’s very difficult to play and it can freeze the action.
Otherwise don’t worry about GTO on replay d:

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Bro I owned you when you were UltraSatan as well - both times I had the better hand pre-flop. I ain’t folding pocket Jacks with a club when you play like an aggro fish heads up. Just have to play like a trappy nit against you and own you everytime - so easy.

@GTOorGTFO If I am a “giant fish” and you lose twice to me (and have never defeated me heads up) what does that make you? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Sometimes getting the chips in before the flush turns up is better, as if he had just called you off, you would of probably stopped betting on the river if you was just value betting but you was trying to protect your hand. 2 shots at the flush time to shove n get them all in or at least make your raises. Risky yes but if you hit your gonna be golden providing no one has over cards. But being dealt 2 pockets is quite common on these RNG’s and when you have 2 high pair pockets dealt there rather hard to lay down in any situation. I think it was only going to end one way and that was all in both players.

I thought play on both sides was pretty reasonable. Monotone boards are hard to find the right lines on. Myself, I don’t bother to have a limping range as the button when playing heads up, and so I haven’t really worked out what kind of hands I’d have in a limp 3! range. I suspect JJ likely wouldn’t be a part of that range, but that’s probably a fairly minor point.

It is true that a smaller bet on the flop is probably typical for most of the aggressors range on a monotone low card board. Still, AA-JJ along with the sets probably feel some pressure to make a protection bet, unless they have a club.


I watched the replay and it just looked like straightforward play to me. He had JcJs, flop was 3 clubs, so he had a strong pair and was 1 card from a flush, a nothing card on the turn, and got a club on the river. The 3 Ts were strong, but you obviously dismissed the idea he had a flush, which was a mistake, and didn’t turn out well for you.


You have beaten me only once (in this hand). You will lose all your 200k quickly to me in the long run (u have no understanding of poker and GTO), you can always find me in the lobby.

I beat you twice - this is your new account, your old one was UltraSatan.

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I already beat you down twice and you have never defeated me heads up - I don’t have anything else to prove.

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The duel 50/100, go with effective stack >= 100BB. And no, you’ve beaten me once, not twice.

You’re the one who has no understanding of poker which is why you rely on solvers to help you out while you’re playing. That’s why you get owned everytime we’re heads up - I exploit the crap out of you everytime we play - you’re so lost when someone plays an unorthodox style against you.

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Once again, range limping preflop HU with eff. stack 100+BB in not an unorthodox style is just fish play. Against reasonably balanced frequencies, none of your exploits will work. You will be crushed in HU in the long run vs me. The Duel 2 50/100.

Then perhaps you should try using reasonably balanced frequencies.


Lol, my frequencies are balanced instead of rangelimping potbetting IP 3BP in monotone board fish. Sunpokerguru and I don’t think that u are good player based on your forum posts.

I’ve beaten you twice not once - your other account UltraSatan was banned and it’s just a matter of time before this one you just made gets banned as well.

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I smash you everytime we play you aggro fish - you must be one of the worst players on the site if you can’t beat a “giant fish” like me :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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First of all, IDK who UltraSatan is.
Secondly, I’ll crush you in HU any time.

Pot betting with weak top pair and weak FD flop and turn, “aggro fish” like you that does not understand that deeper stacks mean deeper SPR and more pot controlling, even in 100BB depth flop and turn bet are not solver approved, especially when facing player with small range on 3bets thus opponent has larger proportion of made flushes in his range.

Please keep this discussion on topic rather than it becoming too personal.
Thank you.