Poker Disclosure

Puggywug has been kind enough to create a survey for us so that we may learn how to attract more players.
Please check it out and thank Mr Pug next time you see him :slightly_smiling_face:
survey is at


Hey GrandyB,
I love the idea of this league, I tend to show a lot of winning hands and find it really helpful when others do that too.
I would like to try this mandatory showing rule out and hope it helps me to finally play this game right!
Can you please add me a as member?


Done…you should be able to play the next game…BTW, if you haven’t already please fill out the survey above :slightly_smiling_face:

We had a great game Monday night. I finished 3rd and @kcorbee won it. She bluffed me off a pair of pocket jacks with Air, betting big on the river with a board that didn’t favor pocket Jacks at all, and knocked me out on a hand where I was dealt KK, flopping a nut diamond flush draw, and ended up running out Aces full of Kings while she held the fourth Ace for quads. My luck was terrible, but the game was good. We had 6 at the table, it’d be great if we could find nine for the next game.

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I kinda think you and I are the only ones that get notifications on this thread bud…that said someone else just joined :slightly_smiling_face:

how do I join?


I think @GrandyB will take care of you, @wildpokerdude. Welcome to the league :slight_smile:

Just me and Grandy played tonight. I won, but it was mostly a blur, as I was playing in Badonk’s Golden Donks league at the same time. I don’t really remember much about the game, other than I seemed to hit some pretty good hands more often than not. But my play mostly was instinctive

I just requested that you be added…I’ll let you know when they add you…welcome!

I don’t think I could do that worth a darn…especially with Badonk’s league where they play for 100K

You have been added…hope to see you soon!

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Its challenging, and I did make one or two mistakes that I probably wouldn’t have if I wasn’t splitting my attention. On the other hand I avoid outthinking myself, which helps sometimes more than it hurts.

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I contacted Rob to let him know u weren’t added (even after I got the confirmation u were).
He’s in the UK so it’ll prolly be straightened out by Monday’s game…sry about that

I am tracking this thread too. :wink:

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I promise I come here too from time to time. :slight_smile:

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ohh, good to know :slightly_smiling_face:

Gotta get you to come to the games more, too. :grin:

Yes, I know! Lately I’ve been doing the Beta Testing, and that eats into my pokering time. :frowning: I was hoping the survey would result in a few adjustments to tournament times in this league, since evenings starts at 6:00 p.m. for me (dinner time) and the mid-day game starts at 1:00 p.m. for me (usually chores).

We haven’t reacted yet to the survey… Last time I checked, we’d only gotten 5 responses. We were waiting for more.

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Yes, the pug did a great job with the survey and if more people would take it we’d have a better idea as what we should do to accommodate more people…if you can’t find the survey I’ll bet Mr pug would send you another :grin:

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