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testing, testing 1, 2, 3…is this thing on?

This is where I will be posting the results of our tourneys.
Also, if you would like to nominate a friend(s) please PM me or post here.

Hey Randy. This sounds fun. I’ll play in the league.

I would love to add you pug…are you currently in more than 1 league (there’s a 2 league limit)

hi randy please add me to your league …hope to play with you all soon!!!

I submitted you, puggywug and 3 other players earlier Kittie.
The person that needs to approve/add you to the league may have already retired for the evening tho since he’s in the UK.
You can try to register for tonight’s tourney by trying to register at … If you’re not able to register for tonight’s tourney I feel sure you’ll be able to starting on Wednesday.
Thanks to all for your interest…I think this will be a unique and fun league :grin:

Enjoyed the first game…Glad I won… lol

You won indeed my friend!

I started out strong and then learned quickly that my new league mates really know poker…I’m lovin it!
Although there were only 6 entrants, I’m hearing that’s not bad for the very 1st tourney.
I expect we’ll have enough entrants on Wednesday (4 more players were approved this morning) to have a much bigger prize pool and there should be 3 winners instead of just 2 like last night.
We did pretty well with people not mucking their hands and when they did muck, it didn’t seem to be intentional (instantaneous muck so auto-muck was working) so I feel sure ppl will get used to the rule.
I’ve learned thru another no muck league (Poker Amusement) that if you have “auto-muck hands” checked in your settings (drop down menu/settings/game settings/always auto-muck checked) it will be persistent sometimes even when you uncheck auto muck at the tables…so you might want to uncheck it in settings while playing these tourneys.
Anyway, I just want to say thank you my friends…I reckon this is gonna be a fun league!

Oh and thanks to our spectator Fozman for saving the wackiest hand of the night!
Definitely one of the weirdest splits I’ve ever seen :grin:


Thanks GrandyB. Yes I noticed all our players knew how to poker. It lasted longer

than I thought it would with that few players.

Enjoyed it and enjoyed the conversations during the game. See you Wed… E.

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I thought I would share a free, downloadable, 136 page PDF on Holdem strategy by poker pro Annie Duke.
Lots of good advice IMHO :wink:
Annie Duke- Decide to Play Great Poker

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Yea I know Annie , Howard’s sister. I appreciate it gonna download
it right now.

I didn’t know she had a brother…especially didn’t know she had a brother that is also a poker star.
See yall at 9pm ET

Just a reminder…we have a tourney at 9pm ET.
You can register here

Tonight I played in my first league tournament for Poker Disclosure. I ended up winning the whole thing.

It was a 9-seat tournament, but only 7 players signed up. For much of the game (maybe the entire thing?), 2 of the 7 players were absent from the table, and ended up blinding out. I think this may have been due to the fact that the participants had all signed up for this tournament well before it started, and so probably these two players just forgot and missed their start time.

This made the game effectively a 5-seat game.

I was in another SNG game when this one started up. I don’t normally play multi-table, but had to this time. I ended up playing well in both tables, finishing 2nd/9 in an Astral Major SNG, which ended first.

Because I was distracted between both games, I really wasn’t playing much attention to the league game, making split-second decisions after glancing at my hand and seeing what the flop was. I barely was paying attention to the actions of the other players in the hand. I really should go back and review how I did. After my other game ended, I was able to put my full attention toward this game.

The most interesting thing about this game was that I didn’t feel that the “mandatory show the winning hand” rule dissuaded me from bluffing in the slightest. If anything, I might have bluffed more. I’m not sure what to make of that, but possibly it was that since everyone knows that the winner will show, they don’t feel like they need to pay to see the cards, and this makes them less likely to call a suspected bluff. Additionally, knowing that the winner will show, maybe they figure that bluffs will not be as likely, and so give big bets more credit.

This was a pot-limit game, and maybe pot-limit is easier to bluff due to its nature. I haven’t played any PLHE in ages, and my strategy that I’ve honed by playing NLHE pretty much worked, and maybe worked better since I couldn’t bet aggressively enough to get me in trouble early in a hand, which is sometimes a problem. And also you don’t have bingo-shoving preflop in PLHE.

So, hey, if you don’t like bingo, maybe try playing LHE. You might just like it!

Unfortunately, after winning this one, I immediately jumped into tonight’s Bounty Brawl, where I placed 6th, but by doing so I obliterated my hand history from this tournament. Only the last few hands are still in my history. So you can see the winning sequence of hands, starting here:

Edit: Here’s the first hand from the tournament:

Yessir, I think this is going to be an interesting league for a lot of the reasons puggywug pointed out.
It was a nice, tight, table last night…7 registered, 2 no shows and it still lasted almost a full hour before the last hand…and yay, I wasn’t the first to get knocked out!

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ZZ_Tilt posted this in a thread I initially started re the league but I’m trying to let it die now;

“9PM ET is 3AM my time :sob:
I played a couple games in Sharon’s league but had to leave cos the tourneys shifted from 4PM to 10PM :sob::sob:

I was holding off to see if Tues and Thurs should be added if we have a lot of interest.
After ZZs post I wonder how 4pmET would go over on Tues and Thurs.
If it’s something you’re interested in (whether you’re already a member or not) plz let me know here.

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Very slow night, I sure hope more people show up Monday.
Can you guys let me know if you would be interested in Tues and Thurs at 4pm ET or not?

It’s only PL games?

Yes, only pot limit holdem.

Well, I might pass then.
PL requires a different strategy and I yet have much to learn about the NL game.