Test game

Hey Guys,watched a test game the other day here and it looked pretty cool and seemed to go smoothly. Has anyone else watched one? Getting excited about HTML :))


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How does one watch one?

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It looks like as of today you can participate in the beta testing

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I watched a few hands - everything seems like its happening under water. Kind of a slow-motion effect, with sounds to match. Personally, I’d prefer something more crisp, like the current setup is. Actually, despite whatever flaws the current system has, its a whole lot better than many online cash sites. I’d hate to see it lose those qualities.


Happy to participate but how does one watch a game?

If you search for PReps and Mods between 1-3PM ET you will be able to find a table.
I wont be able to join until after 2 pm tomorrow but I’ll bet you’ll be able to find a table to check out if you do that search…take care Lyle, sorry I missed the TPP game today bud but totally forgot I had a doctors appointment :slightly_smiling_face:

Fizzymint posted this yesterday: We Need HTML5 Beta Testers!
You might want to check it out right here in the forums. There’s a clickable link for the application form in her post, too.

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OK, thanks Randy, but that is 3 am my time so I’ll have to pass.

Lyle, the tables are open all day, not just 1 - 3pm ET, so you can certainly apply if you wish!

So was watching a TEST game and noticed spectators can’t chat , is this only for the test or will it always be like that. I have a feeling I will miss the way the site looks now :frowning:

I prefer the look the way it is now , too much green the new way .


Oh no! this is going the way every other sites are. You can’t even read the cards or player’s name properly.


like current table better.


Testers have been requesting larger cards so I feel that will be addressed.
One really cool feature I like is the chat filter…I usually pick “players only” to eliminate all broadcast and the dealer. If I miss what just won, I can quickly switch to all again.
I hope you guys will apply to be testers so you can give your opinions of appearance/graphics and help us hunt down the remaining bugs.
I’m really looking forward to the final product!


people can just look at screehshot above to give their opinions. I’m sure someone from replay poker see these post in this thread or you can pass on comments from here… and yes I did sign up be a tester, but that doesn’t mean anything. so for now I will address my opinions here.

I must say that I like that the players Pic appears at the table! Whatever tweaks are made I hope this feature stays.


I like the look of the new tables. I like using the avatars next to the players. The overall look is clean and modern. I like the black background for the bottom part of the screen. Yes, there is a lot of green, but I don’t mind it at all. The cards could be bigger, but I am guessing they will make them bigger since people have brought it to their attention. Overall, it looks like a big step forward to me.

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They shouldn’t have made Kermit the Frog lead designer. Maybe have little lily-pads for seats to complete the effect of playing in a swamp?


I’m guessing Omaha will be blue and Royal red.

Royal should be a nice paisley or maybe a Royal Stewart tartan.

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