Outrageous bad beat

I was in a good position to win this tournament, until this happened. Now, I am not a person to whine about bad beats and Replay Poker specials, but I don’t think I have EVER seen one this ridiculous.

I was dealt AJ of hearts. I put in a large preflop raise and had one caller, who had two small hearts. The flop came Jack high with two hearts. With top pair plus the nut flush draw, I shoved to try to end the hand right there, assuming that the odds were against opponent having hit a set, that winning this pot would leave me in a very dominant position with the tournament lead, and that is was hardly possible that he had hit two pairs on the flop and called the preflop raise. He had not raised on the first round of betting, so I assumed he probably did not have AA, KK, or QQ, and since I had a pair of Jacks with top kicker, I was almost certainly ahead. In the event of him calling with an overpair any heart, and probably any Jack or Ace would seal the deal.

And this is what happened.



More ouch…


Yeah, that gets an OUCH!!!

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Yes, that is pretty ouchy! Once your opponent flopped a straight, he was probably going all the way like a dog with a bone, regardless of the pair on the board, and quite likely (given his chip ranking) had no idea that he only had one out on the river.

One of the most important things I have learned about tournament play is that when it is possible that your opponent has a full house, and he bets like he has a full house, it is not a good percentage play to try to draw to beat the full house that I think he might have.

Another interesting point in your hand was that opponents opening raise was in itself a kind of bluff, an attempt to steal the blinds, and presumably if the flop did not come with an Ace, he was going to try to steal the pot anyway with a continuation bet.

It is amazing how often one bluffs preflop, then the flop comes paired, offering further (incredibly risky) bluffing opportunities, however sometimes it is easier to take down the pot with nothing at the flop than to give opponent with over cards free opportunities to improve.

Yeah, I called his preflop raise, than check-raised him on the flop and again on the turn. I dunno what else I could have done. Just one of those hands.

This is just an example of why I kinda hate bullets. It wasn’t my hand, but the game was intense and there HAD been hope someone could slow down the chip leader. NOPE! lol

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Yup …lol you got BUCKED


@MekonKing, first off, I feel your pain. Limp calling with this hand(74 suited) pre is pretty horrendous. I would say that 22 and 33 are in his range for flopped sets but donk min betting makes str8 and flush draws as well as middling pairs a much larger part. I don’t think I would have shoved but that’s what you did and you got the best possible situation from the caller. I would classify this as a bad beat for sure, but sometimes the poker gods hand you lemons.

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