My Worst Bad Beat

From time to time we all get frustrated at this game when we suffer a bad beat. 'Tis the nature of the game. Since we all get a little pleasure and ease of mind when we hear about it happening to others I thought I would share my worst bad beat with you.

Some years ago I was in a cash game at a local casino. On this particular hand I was dealt AA. Pre-flop betting was “mild”, I raised half the pot and got a couple of callers. The flop comes AK4. Trying not to jump out of my shoes I made a pot sized bet. One caller. He raised. I of course re-raised and he called. The turn card…K. About to pass out with A’s full of K’s (the best full house that can be made) I check. He makes a half pot bet and I shove in. He calls. By now I have put him on AK, the only logical explanation. You guessed it, the river was the last king in the deck.

Hope this brought you some joy and hope you have a wonderful holidays. By the way, that pot was over $30,000.00.

Dealt AA - another A came on the flop. The turn and river came J and J.
I was heads up at the end - my opponent turned over JJ.
This happened on a real table tournament.

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4Kings and I lost to a Royal Flush. That ain’t bad.

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How could anyone have a Royal flush if you had all the Kings?

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You aren’t serious? This isn’t draw poker. There are four common cards: The Flop: Kspades,Khearts,4. I had KdKc. Winner had QJspades. Turn: Aspades. River: 10spades. Got it?

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I figured it out, just wanted you to be more clear so EVERYONE understood. Thanks.

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Mine was the same and I was in the last 5 of a MTT and lost with 4Ks to Royal Str. Flush

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Here is the bad beat of bad beats on this site for sure. Just a 95.33% hand to win with about 2.5% chance of losing:

Sure, I could have checked and jammed the flop but wanted to isolate against 1 hand and with 3 limpers, thought I could at least just play for the shorter stack’s chips. Did not see 2 calls there but when they both turned J’s, I almost jumped for joy. Tripling up I thought. Then the unthinkable.

I have never ever ever gotten it in better in my life. Almost no way to not triple up here. So, I’m nominating this for best bad beat of the year.

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I wouldn’t call that the worst bad beat … but it certainly was a funny one :wink:


It’s been said that the difference between comedy and tragedy is that comedy is when something happens to someone else, tragedy is when it happens to you :slight_smile:

If this was for money I’d have gone through the roof. Then again, the hand never would have played like this for real money (in a tournament at that stage) so its a moot point. Thankfully it was for play chips and I’ve laughed about it ever since.

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Not my worst beat ever, but less than fun…

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I did once see the most ridiculous of hands on my table (in an MTT, on the money bubble no less)…

Six handed action, limped pot
The flop comes Kc Ts Js
Seat 1 checked over to Seat 2, and Seat 2 min bet and got two callers in Seats 1 and 3.
The turn is As
The action is checked around to the river, which is Td
Seat 1 shoves, Seat 2 reshoves and Seat 3 snap calls

Seat 1 turns over Ac Ad for Aces full of Tens
Seat 2 turns over Tc Th for Quad Tens
Seat 3 turns over Qs Ks for the nuts of the nuts, and takes the pot.

Just so you know, I was in seat 2 :slight_smile:


Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you fall into an open sewer and die.
-Mel Brooks


Be easier to accept if ■■■■ like this wasn’t every few hands. High Stakes player makes a bad call. Replay kicks into action to save him. I waited a half hour for a hand this decent and it wasnt even that special. This ■■■■ should be freakish but it isn’t. Absolutely abysmal and im ■■■■■■■ sick of it

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i know this isn’t close to a worst bb but it’s raw right now and too common


It happens. Anyone who knows my poker history is aware of a similar hand I played in a real game for large stakes. I have pocket 10’s and in a raised pot with 1 other player. Flop is A/10/4 rainbow and he bets into me. I raise and he calls. Turn is another A and I am now not very happy but hoping he is on AJ+. He bets into me and I call. River is a nothing and he shoves into me. I make the call and he flips over A10. I’m 10’s full of A’s and he’s A’s full of 10’s. Killer hand. You chopped your hand for play chips in a passively played hand - not a huge deal, if frustrating. Shake it off.

Tonight I lost both Pocket K’s and Pocket A’s to the same player in the same game when he flopped a set of 9’s against the K’s and a set of 8’s on my A’s. He was running supernova hot and took me out but what can you do? I played my hands as best I could, raised and used position, didn’t jam … but he just out-flopped me both times for big pots. It didn’t work out tonight but I am happy to get my chips in that far in front anytime.

Sometimes the cards run goofy against you and its hard to deal with. Then I realize how many times I’ve absolutely scorched that same player in the past and I look forward to doing it next time again. Let him have the 1 good game, I’ll take the next dozen.

Added content - Just had another one where I’m on K’s and someone 3-bet shoves into me early. Winds up with 3 calls for the all-in. Thought about mucking but decided not to. KK vs JJ vs 88 vs A7o. Guess who hits the flop? No idea what A-rag is even doing in the hand. I had 40 straight games without a zero in the SnG leaderboard thing until these 2. My solution? Take a break and don’t play with the donkeys.

Went back. Said to myself it surely can’t keep happening. Joined this table. Massive chip leader was pretty dreadful after observing for a few mins. Was patient, bided my time. Set a trap then this. It’s just constant and it’s not freakish. I think this site is utterly fucked. There’s cruel rivers and then there’s Replay. On here the river comes to a bad bets rescue at least in 75% of hands. Its absolutely dire. Thanks but no thanks. It’s not really been fun, it’s been bent.

Here’s a vintage Replay special: I’ve just started laughing manically tbh while the other guy just sits there probably thinking “Wow I am a genius poker player. I dont really know what I’m doing but Im a natural!” He’s paid about 2k out of his 2.5k chips in the hope of hitting either a 9 or a 2 (unless he thought he had it with his 2 pair) Of course he hits a 9. This is Replay. The river aint like a normal river. The river on here saves a come-from-way-behind hand 70-80% of the time yet nobody can explain why when irl it would probably be more in the region of 5-15% max