Bad Beats

Been a while since the last “Bad Beats” discussion, so I thought I’d start an new one—inspired by yesterday’s action (May 7, 2021), in which I suffered three bad beats on the first hand I played in three successive 100K RP tournaments. This was the third of them. It made me swear off poker permanently—for about eight hours.
Follow the misery: hand 736045783.

I was dealt the Qc 4c. Called a bet of 30.

The flop came 10c, 6c, 2h

I checked. One player bet 195; I called, all others folded. (Maybe a questionable call on my part, but it paid off! And there was much rejoicing. Temporarily.)

4th St. was the K of clubs. I checked, and the bettor put me all in. He showed the 9-7 of clubs, and I started counting my money.

5th St. was the 8 of clubs.

I think I managed a “gh, gl” before slinking away.

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Did you notice that there were 2 x 7clubs in the hand as described or was that just me?. Maybe you should post the hand numbers so others can have a look.
Good Luck at the tables

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Typo; thanks for noticing. The river was the 8c. (I’ve fixed it.)
I did give the hand #: 736045783.


I’m not convinced that having a flush and losing to a straight flush qualifies as a bad beat. His hand was superior to yours by an order of magnitude.

Well, on further reflection, I suppose we could call it a bad beat, because you were winning and he got an incredibly lucky river card. Any other card in the deck other that one card, and you would’ve won.

However, you only had a queen-high flush. I consider a bad beat to be as follows: when you’re absolutely sure you’re going to win, but you lose.

Examples: AA/AKK losing to KK/AKK. KJ/JJK losing to KK/JJK.

It was a bad beat…

I flop an open ended straight draw. I know the odds ,even tho they don’t seem to apply to me. Still, I call a couple of small raises, and hit on the river. Some one holding a pair of queens might consider this a bad beat.
I was recently around the bubble, and running out of chips, so I shoved AQs. I got called by 72o and the first four cards matched the suit of his deuce. Bad beat?


To some players, any beat becomes a “bad beat” when they are in the hand on the wrong end :roll_eyes:

Too true. . . .

I would day that if you had good odds to call a bet on the turn to try to hit the straight on the river, that is not a bad beat, but if you overpaid, then it was.

But that kind of thing happens all the time, like every minute on RP, so don’t know if it counts. I think it is a bad beat when opponent bluffs all in, you read the bluff correctly, call it, then he turns over his cards and has exactly what you thought he probably had, and he hits one of his 3 outs on the river.

But that happens all the time too/

Poker is simply a game of chance (and skill.) If you play skillfully, you will increase your chances of winning over the long term and reduce the amount you lose (if playing ring game.) But it is quite possible to play perfectly rationally for a long time and still keep on losing.

I played a hand tonight when I was in the BB with 6 3 offsuit. UTG and button both limped and I checked. Flop came T 6 3 giving me two pairs. Nice. Slow played it and and ace came on the turn followed by a King on the river, so I thought that should give UTG something to call a bet with. Turned out he had limped in from UTG with AK, then hit two pairs runner runner on turn and river.

Was this a bad beat? Not really. What if I had shoved the flop? He might still have called and beaten me. It happens.

The moral is that when you get into pots with inferior starting hands you can expect more bad beats.

You have a lot more chance of beating a pro at poker than you would a pro at golf or tennis!

Flop a straight your first hand at a table and earn a chop.

Flop another straight 2 hands later how lucky! and lose to a better straight by the river.

Bet top pair into trips for 3 streets because the most likely thing your opponent is holding is 93o and you want to give them half of your cursed stack so that at least the curse will be evenly distributed, allowing you to win some hands in the distant future.

Hit top pair on the flop, bet it, get called, and give up for no reason at all (because you know you’re beat no matter what here) on the Turn.

When you’re suited and every flop you see is suited against you:

Sure it can happen to anyone, but when it’s the norm, to the point where you could hedge bet against yourself for reliable profit, and achieve an ROI to beat even the hot seat, colloquially around the poker table we call this situation “cursed.”

Laugh away.

Nothing new here from what I go through, I just don’t call it “ cursed “ nor do I blame the site or post about it.

Tomorrow is another day :+1:t2:


Yeah, well all me of us call it cursed.

Ihave been calling bad beats “getting pugged.”

I don’t see how something so amusing can be considered a curse.

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Sun do you even play on this site? You’ve been sitting on 55M in you bankroll forever.

I haven’t played in like 6 months.

I had a house fire, and am currently living on a friend’s farm. The internet here sucks: we have like 2 mb/s down and less than 1 up, split between 3 users. I time out so often, it’s not worth the aggravation.

If by “this site,” you mean the forum, yes, I play here every day!

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Sorry to hear that. I hope that you can recover from the fire losses and get back on your feet soon.

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Another typical every day hand that happens all the time.

And just for good measure, a few hands later:

I don’t even feel good when I flop the set, and of course I’m right.

The only invariant in poker is that I’m always on the bad side of it.

There’s no point bullying someone who has nothing to lose is there? Only to force the dealer to give them two pair on the backdoor when they don’t even need it.

Then why call the massive overbet? A set is about the best you can hope for there. 55 is either a alight favorite or a big dog preflop. What were you hoping for, quads?

Most of the hands you post are bad play, not bad beats.

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Because at a certain point, you realize that due to the Curse, good play and bad play don’t matter. I’ll lose either way. Somehow. It just doesn’t matter. They call with whatever, they hit. They can call me with pure junk, it doesn’t matter.