Option to be the next person to switch tables

Since we are subject to being placed at a new table as the players drop out in tourneys, how about we get a button to offer to be the next person to change if need be. I’m specifically referring to big free roll tourneys where one can get stuck, as i just did, at the first table with some newbie with a 400,000+ rank, who starts by going all-in every hand. Impossible to play anything in a tourney like that.

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Hmm… that does sound like an interesting idea. I’ve passed it along to the team. Thanks for sharing!

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U gotta wait till you receive a premium hand then call their poor cards & hope for the best. Most normal players don’t want to play with an all in person, everyone would be hitting the move button. :smile:


I’ve been at a lot of tables with you, Slow, and have great respect for your game… I also would like a way out when at a table with one of these kids, but I don’t think it’s the right way to deal with the situation…

When ‘life’ spits in your eye, put on some goggles… These bingo newbies don’t last long, generally, so my thought is to ‘kick it up a notch’, pay better poker, and hope for the best…Not much help, I know…

I see good players play J-3 suited, more often than not way out of position, simply to see a flop and maybe get lucky with it…
That’s crap poker from where I sit, and if the good players are playing those cards, what do you expect from the children we encounter here…

I agree slow that the all in crowd every hand are extremely annoying. I like the idea of a switch table button. Clint

Agree, the kids finish at early possitions, and you have a great chance to double up your hand, the worst thing its when you have your “killer” hand and nobody call you, that you are wining just blinds.

How can you control big and small blinds this way?

yep, my idea was more of complaint than anything that should/could be implemented in a practical way. just venting more than anything

Actually it is a great opportunity if you play position with a top 15 hand call bingo kooks hand and let it be known around the table that’s your form of “bingo roach spray” . You will find they will follow your lead and bye bye bingo. United we stand and bingo waits till tomorrow for another 2500 chips. Gotta get in their heads and pockets !