Having a boot button at table

There should be an option that if the majority of a table want to boot someone from the table for delaying the game or just ruining the game we should all be able to click on that player and an option button to boot them . If the majority of players at the table click the boot button of a player, the player is booted from the table and not allowed back on that table for 30 minutes.

In live play, especially in home games, the bootee is the guy who doesn’t get invited back. Or he gets told the game is at X’s house this week when it’s really at Y’s house. Notice those are “private” games, though. Replay and real casinos don’t have “private” games, so this isn’t likely to work in a “public” setting…

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If you can figure a way that 4 or 5 sour grapes couldn’t boot a player who’s only transgression was to take their chips, maybe. But realistically, no.
If you believe he is cheating, report him. If he’s being abusive either on the table or in the chat, report him. If he’s just playing bingo, take his chips and he’ll be gone soon enough.
If you’re in a tournament, you’re going to have to deal with him. If you’re on a ring table, find another table.
This kind of sounds like a lynch mob to me. (that’s not the kind of mob in the mall that breaks out in song and dance) :wink:


@DougE08 , in essense you want a private table, because"bad play" is purely subjective, U want the control, but what if ppl could boot ppl because of thier Bankroll or gender ?

Amen @Grateful_ed , you are 100% right.

Take for example… you are the pre-flop “bet/raise” high bet… It takes a certain skillset to then “play from ahead” so to speak… Equally necessary is the skillset to “play from behind” as the persons that call’d that bet/raise pre-flop. And that has nothing to do with chipstacks, …and those also require a skillset to play correctly… Not to mention being a good bubble player … everything is a skillset we all have to learn.

Taking out a Bully or a Bingo player is also a certain skillset… they look very simmilar, but must be approached in somewhat different ways… I believe alot of these anomolie situations are just Learning Tools , so when I do walk into a casino, I just might have these special skills need’d to overcome anything I might see while playing… I’d much rather learn these skills here @ replay if possible, where losing doesnt cost me an arm/leg …



Yeah, player boots would be to easy to abuse.

I would like to see private tables though. Make them invite only, with no spectators, and self-moderated.

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How does a person delay a gome so much as to ruin it when it has an 8 second timer ?
Just avoid the 20 second timer, or lobby the site for a 2 second timer. That would move things right along.

I imagine you suggested that with “tongue in cheek” but we all know how damn frustrating it is to play with someone intent on ruining the game for everyone else.

I think the private table as you’ve described, could also be easy to abuse. IMO


I don’t see how it could be abused, but I’m willing to listen.

Here’s how self-moderation would work…

If someone gets out of line, the others say so. If that person doesn’t listen, everyone just leaves the table and forms a different one without inviting the problem player. I don’t think this would happen too often, but it’s a simple solution.

Hi SunPowerGuru,

I was actually thinking abuse in the sense of collusion, being that the table is private and invite only. I could be wrong though, as I don’t know how big of a problem collusion is here. But it would make it much easier for the abuse to occur.


I’m not saying it couldn’t happen, but in my experience with private games, both online and off, I’ve never really seen it.

Private games are more about the social aspects than they are about destroying everyone at the table. If anything, people tend to be a little less aggressive in private games. Maybe you check a river now and then instead of putting your buddy all in, and I guess that might technically be a form of collusion, but if it is, it’s pretty benign. In fact, being uber aggressive in a private game is a great way to not get invited to the next game.

As far as players teaming up against someone… I’ve never really seen it, and if I did, I would find better friends.

I’ve never seen it in a casino game. I have seen it in private games (especially in the service men’s games in Vietnam, all sorts of cheating going on in those wild and wooly days), but not for many years. The last time I can recall was in the middle 1980s. (We solved that one by not inviting those two players back.) I’ve also seen it in an online game (one guy with two IDs and two computers playing against himself). I reported that one and both those IDs vanished, That was about 7 years ago on a different site. So, yes, it happens, but it seems to be rare compared with the old days when all games were live and hand dealt by successive players. No doubt the mechanics are still out there, but there isn’t much opportunity for them to practice their arts these days. That’s a good thing.

Exactly my point Alan, the private table would create more “opportunity”.


Do you think the slightly greater risk outweighs the benefits?

One is more likely to be hit by lightning when one goes outside. Does this imply that none of us should ever leave our homes?

I guess we can turn the discussion into a riddle / joke. I was just offering an opinion.

Not here for this…

It’s pretty simple really. It wasn’t a riddle/joke. I made an exaggerated analogy to illustrate my basic point… a slight “chance” of greater “opportunity” for “possible” collusion doesn’t negate the obvious benefits of allowing the creation of private tables.

I might respectfully suggest that if you aren’t willing to consider alternative perspectives, you aren’t here for a discussion at all. If you can refute what I am saying, please do so. It should be obvious that I am just presenting my opinion too.

They’re already leagues here for friends to privately play and socialize. If you’d like to host one you can email support@replaypoker.com


Well, a lot of people play poker because it is the only table they can sit down at without everyone else getting up and leaving…so…I do not think you should take this away from them…