Opinionated Players

Hi everyone. The topic of opinionated players was one that I was not sure I wanted to post until I was playing on a table with one. Everyone has a right to their opinion on something, even individual poker hands. However, having said that, I don’t think giving their opinion on every hand that a player has is helpful, especially when their opinion is actually criticism of that player. Personally, it becomes annoying after a while and I am not sure what, if anything, can or should be done about it. I tried to politely ask the player to refrain from doing that, as the other players were making inappropriate remarks to that player for doing that, but to no avail. So players, the question is what would you do in a situation like this?

Getting flashbacks of all those Phil Hellmuth videos.

Ego is the root of the problem so how about providing free of charge an Eckhart Tolle link.

Dissolving the Ego | Eckhart Tolle Teachings (youtube.com)

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Mute them for a month, then second time mute them for life. Not one to expel a person from Replay per se.

I would mute them and if the comments rise to the level of abuse (either due to content or volume (unending belittling and/or negative comments are abusive) )… report them.

And remember,… opinions are like butts,… every one has one and they all stink!



If they are disrupting the game find a Moderator asap.


Mute him.

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It does not happen very often in the privet invite games… but their the captain of the league can remove players… if they are not playing well w/ others…

. I would suggest report the player first for violating site rules, as this is a harassment to the player & entire table and contact a Moderator asap.

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As a new player I have to be very patient and respectful. I love talking poker and discussing hand reviews but I also make an effort to be quiet, concise, and respectful on the tables. Playing here is a privelege.

Replay does a great job of cultivating its member community.

I always like helping people to learn and grow, like they help me. Sticking your foot in your mouth is one thing but having a condescending attitude as another.

with respect, do we really need to advise people to tattle at the first sign of inappropriate chat? i think a community is stronger when we first try to deal with things interpersonally, and only escalate when those efforts fail, or if the misconduct is particularly abusive.


I tend to agree that in this modern world people are very easily “offended” and I think one has to consider the difference between abuse and downright offensive language, compared with simply a sense of humour that does not appeal to everyone.
I would hate the site to become so intolerant that people were frightened to speak and have a little fun on the tables - you only have to listen to the news and read the papers to see how difficult it is to express any opinion or make a joke without causing offence.
I think learning to smile quietly to yourself and try to win the chips of people who are annoying you is the most effective way of silencing them.
Any form of racial abuse or downright nastiness should always be reported, but I would think twice before reporting anyone who just holds a different opinion to me.


Funny you mention that @grapevine - I actually did see a player making racially charged remarks/insults in the chat once. I was going to report them, as this is clearly beyond the pale… but not long after that they went broke :sweat_smile:


:slight_smile: think grapevine said it best! racial comments and constant targeting someone is worth reporting . Most times just a mute will suffice.:slight_smile:


I agree with grapevine, but I don’t really come across much horrible chat in the games I play, maybe once in a while, but a rare event, must be a holdem thing :slightly_smiling_face:


I want to thank you all for your thoughts on this matter. For the most part, the players on RP are here to enjoy playing poker and its many versions of the game. Then there are the players that take the game too seriously and that is where the conflicts start. It is important to understand the difference between the two before taking any action. Again, thank you. See you on the tables.


I have played on replay 4 years now… I know if you make a copy of the chat… it can be reviewed by replay staff… I say this because I have been muted on replay once before… and know one player replay staff muted permantly… but was still allowed to play… and know of at least 4 players… replay staff have removed permantly… because of repeat bad behavior… learn how to screen save chat…

I doesn’t sound like the offender was open to changing their behavior, but if it happens again you could suggest they posts their hand reviews/strategy tips on the forum. Strat chat is generally more than welcome here :slight_smile:

if all would just ignore the lack of manners and boorish behavior THEY SIMPLY GO AWAY challenging or acknowledging them only encourages them

Agree and as the original post said @Pilot704 I tried to politely ask the player to refrain from doing that, as the other players were making inappropriate remarks to that player for doing that, but to no avail.

I don’t think the situation changed.