Not getting e-mails with results from tourney results

Played 4 tourneys yesterday where I mad the cut to earn chips, but did not recieve a e-mail for any. same thing happened the day before on 2 out the same 4. Checked my spam folder, and nothing is there. Did Replay decide not to do it anymore? Because I spoke to a couple others who are also not getting e-mails the past few days.

Hi Howie,

Could you check your Notification settings and see if

  • Receive winning tournament and leaderboard prize notifications
  • Receive email rewards and bonuses

are ticked on?
If not , please do so, don’t forget to scroll down to and click on
‘update notifications settings’.

If they were ticked on I can only suggest you send a message to or by using the ? on the dashboard.

Hope this info helps.

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No clue what you are talking about, but thanks for the help. I have been getting emails for over 5 years with no problem. Not sure what possibly changed recently . unless its on Replays end.


Poki, you sure like to stay connected, every option is Enabled there lol.


It helps, i received my email today:



@Howie_Long , Click the down arrow to the right of your avitar, then click on settings, which is game settings, below that is notification settings. after changing anything click on update notification settings. Hope that helps.

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I got a couple e-mails this morning, so looks like things are fixed. Thanks everyone for chiming in.

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Glad to hear all is well!!