Cannot contact support

Tried ? and support email both wont work. Need help with friend requests.

Thanks for reporting, it is not working for me either. I’ll send this issue to the staff.

To contact support you also can send an email to

Hope it will be resolved soon.

Works for me.

Yes, it was offline for awhile, now resolved and working again.

still not working for me

i’m trying to find out how 100k chips went missing from my account

Hi rgman Not sure why it is not working for you (works for me at the moment). You also can send your question by email to support.

Best is sending an email to, there the staff can check your logs and find out what happened. Greetings Happiness.

i sent the email that is what is not working…lol

i tried sending the email but is not getting through no bother…lol it’s only play chips i’ll play freerolls till i get it back .have a fun weekend

I’ll send it for you to support and thanks enjoy your weekend also:)

oh and thanks for your reply Happiness …( Great screen name )

Can you tell whats not work? Its weekend, they may not respond asap.

Hi rgman

You was registered for the 100k tournament Dare It. Andrew (staff) checked it and saw you not played, so he refunded you the 100k. Probably you registered accidentally (it is only one click to register)

You already know why you not was able to send an email to support? You had problems with sending all your emails or only to support of ReplayPoker?

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Btw, in if you use an not often used email address for ReplayPoker you are able to change your email address in “settings” (tab in your meu when you click on your user name in the header) / email.

Hello support. Just a suggestion for thought. The chatroom that you have set up in tourney lobbies is a great tool. However, no one ever uses it. So, does it take away from your “gigabytes”, or page performance, or whatever? I, myself really like it. But no one uses it. If it is using up band width…get rid of it. If not, then advertise it because it is a great, but unused tool.

Can I sue for non support ? :wink:

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Hi please tell me if I purchase chips and rp has a 50% more special why can’t I get them what happened was I purchased $3,500.000 + a bonus of 2,250.000 for a friend last Wednesday Andrew told me that rp had a special the month of August I paid the $100. but never got $2,250 chips does this happen often I want to think it’s an error on rp part but this is going one 5days now so why can’t I get what I Paid for PLEASE help me get $2,250.000 chips for my friend thanks sammy morgan

Sammy Morgan,

I took the liberty of contacting support on your behalf. They will either contact you via in game message or email. Let me know if they don’t get back to you by Monday.

Hi sammymorgan, I sent you an email from support a little earlier today. If you’d reach out there, we’ll get you set up!

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