Contact Email?

Hi. I’m brand new here, and am a little concerned. I’ve paid money to use the site, but apparently I’m unable to contact the site?

I’ve had a few issues with the room window refusing to load on re-seating in the middle of tournament games. It’s not very nice, especially when you’re in the top ten. I can’t find the relevant ‘help’ topic in the very unhelpful ‘help’ section.

Can anyone give me a clue how I might contact the administrators to be refunded at least my entry fees? Can’t really claim prizes when the games hadn’t finished.

Hi and welcome. On the top bar of the dashboard page you should see a little ? . Hit that and it should take you to CONTACT SUPPORT. If you send them a message they will get back to you. Give them as much info as you can such as Tournament name and table no (poker_table/3342254/open) . should look like that at the top of the game page) or hand no (#343546576) should look like that and be top left of the table) the more info the better and they will sort it out for you.
good luck at the tables

Edit… If you shut down the stuff you dont need to have open it will help, and always check that the new table isnt hidden behind one of the other open pages…


Exactly :+1:t2:

Or you can email

Just click this link and you are there.

With all the info whoeverit just gave you.

Best of luck

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If you want to find out where you finished at and maybe get the information you need go to your picture in the top right corner of the lobby, click on it and go to activities click on that and the page will come up that has ring games and tournaments.Click on tournaments find the game you were in then click on it. right hand side of the page is a lobby button and the page will tell you where you finished. next time you have any problems go to the lobby page at the bottom you will find the word Moderators click on that and find a Moderator to get the help you need or answer your questions. That is what we are around here for.



Hi, and thanks for the reply. And the welcome.

Apologies if my intro was a bit snarky. I was a tad miffed. Not sure how I missed that little question mark. I’ve followed your instructions and have sent a message, which prompted an automatic response, so hopefully I’ll hear something soon.

I shut everything down to open this site. Once my game window is open, I even close the game lobby, just in case.

Thanks again.


Thank you, I’ll go check that out.

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You are welcome

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Happy to help. The staff are pretty good at sorting out things here and, as a bonus, there are a bunch of player volunteers (the moderators) who are always ready to jump in and help out when you need them. Plus there is a shed load of us regular players here who are willing to share their knowledge and experience. Any time you are at the table and unsure as to what happened save the hand no and post it here and I can pretty much bet someone will help you out real quick.
Oh, thanks for the thanks.


You got that right Brother, us old salts here :+1:t2: