Emailing Replay Poker Support

My question is how do u actually get a response from a company rep? U can email until u r purple in the face and u never hear a wword… U message an in house moderator its what they want u to hear based on the way they feel… It reminds me of the commercial with the bearded man saying this is Betty and no cust service but him… we need more acess to people who can make a decision or answer a ???. I see peoples faces and names with employees and it would be nice to actually have them respond to a question or issue… It would be more professional than dealing with 6 same people with red letters typing… Just my opinion… Theres alot of bias on here and its quite obvious and u reps not the Mods need to adress these issues I think

Our staff will not reply to aggressive emails. So make sure if you do email us, you don’t swear or shout in CAPS. You’ll get a much faster and helpful response if you stay calm and explain the issue clearly.

I can’t play, I have sent several e-mails to you and you don’t respond

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my only recourse is with the FBI fraud division