Can't chat in tournament lobby or during tournament play

what di i do when i called support 10 times and files 4 tickets and get no response. i cannot chat in tournament lobbies or durung tourney play. worst of all i get no responses. i have to send apologies to people after every game i play for what appears to be rudenessor simply being a jerk.

Try use chrome, update adobe flash ( if new install the chrome , its do it auto anyway. ) This may solve your problem.

You will get respond, Im sure. Most people send 10 email to them a day, this slow them down. If you send only one, including some info, like your OS, Browser, they can help you faster.

The 10 support calls and 4 tickets, how did you send those, to the email, via the (?) button in the website? Because I can’t see anything sent to us. I’ve checked your account and you’re not muted, so it should be working. I see you’re using Internet Explorer 8 on Windows XP. What happens when you type something in and click enter? Can you try downloading Google Chrome ( and use that instead or upgrading to a newer version of Internet Explorer (, as the version 8 you’re using is very old now.

Hi kenbreeze

You also must come back here to read the answer on your question.:slight_smile: You had a reply on your previous topic about it here.

Happiness 22 days ago Hi kenbreeze

You still have problems with it?

What happens when you type? You can see what you type? The words appear?

Is the problem you can not sent it to the chat box when you typed the words?

Please let us know (even when it is solved)

Greetings Happiness.

Paul Gould (Official Rep) 22 days ago Hi ken, your chat isn’t blocked so that’s really odd. Please get back to us with the answers to the questions evelien asked above. Thanks!

I put thet here now, tx Happi

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