No response cant play reconnect problems

puts me away. no response to my calls. automatic disconnect. why can’t I play

try chrome pls, seams better these days, (Faster then IE7 too, i think you should update your internet browser anyway, Internet Explorer 7 is like go to ww3 with a woodstick)


I will try. thanks for the tip. my computer skills are rudimentary at best and I am a one-fingered typist but I 'll switch to chrome and see what goes. thanks again.

Hi celbert,

Before you try switching browsers, can you explain when it happened? We have a bug right now on table rebalancing during tournaments, whereby you disconnect and can’t reconnect straight away. Could this have happened to you? If so, send the details to and we’ll refund your buy-in.

Best, Paul

doing the same to me in mad express you can just sit back and it posts and fold away. Next hand same thing

I just quit trying

How frustrating! :confused: After we finish working on the slowdown issue we’ll have more time to investigate and fix whatever issue there is.