Why cant i get support

playing tournament lost internet shut down rebooted could not rejoin tournament i could on old replay i contacted support 3TIMES no response WHY!!!

My oponion, if I may, use less caps and “!!!” second, ReplayPoker have limited resources , support is from monday to friday, they will respond to you, please provide the hand number or /and tour time/name for them.

Thank you for understanding, have a nice day

Marcipan is right, we’re currently only able to support players monday to friday. We hope some day to be able to extend this to the weekend.

Today we discovered a problem with the new site’s server configuration which is causing problems for players on slow connections. We hope to fix this tomorrow, and then the site should run as reliably as on the old site. So please try again end of tomorrow, or Weds to be safe, and you shouldn’t have any more problems.