Good Afternoon!! My name is Nate!! Looking for some guidance. I am wanting to start playing online, but I’m not sure if there is a progression I should follow or not. It seems that you can just hop on here & play. I have also heard mention of teams. How do I get on one?


I help manage a league that is all about helping newer players. If you want to join send me a friend request and I will help you get started. And welcome to Replay.


@2ALPHANATE ,Welcome Nate to Replay & the Forums and thank you @JenGen7 for you reaching out to help, sounds like a Great League. Until you both connect, I suggest play as many freeroll’s as you can and concentrate on building the bankroll, then move on to ring games for more great fun.


I don’t know about joining a Team but to join a League GOTO the upper right corner of your Lobby page and click the Drop Down Arrow and scroll until you see Leagues. I think you will just need to contact one of the Organizers.


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Baby steps… learn what hand beats what and then calling bets and raising. I would watch a few hundred games until you get the just of things. There are many tutorials on poker on YouTube. I suggest you start there also.

Welcome. Try whatever you’re comfortable with, there are entry level low stakes Ring Games which are 1/2 stakes, Duck Pond, etc. You can join for next to nothing and play a few hands. There are also Replay Rookie Freeroll tournaments in the Multi-Table Tournaments Lobby section, specifically made for folks who are new to the site, free to register, well worth a shot.


Take a look around and see what you like. Make sure you log on once a day to collect your Daily Bonuses to get you up and running.

I don’t suggest that. Read some of the threads here and learn from some of the best online poker players in the world. Move at a slow and steady pace playing poker the correct way.

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Learn what beats what. Pay more attention to the board than your own hands. In other words, don’t just look at what you have and think it’s the best hand. An example: You have AA and the board has 3 or 4 cards of the same suit and none of your aces is of that suit. If someone raises, you’re probably beat. Try to put your opponents on a range of hands, not a specific hand. Most big bets on the turn are more often the nuts. A big bet on the river is the nuts. Some players will never fold, so don’t try to bluff them. Be patient. Boring poker is winning poker. Mostly, it’s free chips, so many players play any two cards in an attempt to be lucky and since they’re free chips, they don’t care if they lose. Good luck at the tables.


Several persons to friend and let them know you are interested in playing, Just, a few are Larry_Laufer, Sharon Smarty, nateograto, Weedwoman and many more. Enjoy and don’t be afraid to play,

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I spent three months just playing the duck pond when I first came to Replay. It was very helpful to me there and I learned a lot about the site just kicking it in the duck pond. Moved from there to the MTTs and Sit and Gos. From there made my way into the leagues. :slight_smile:


Nate it does not matter what you decide is best for you…first just jump in and play. You will win and you will loose. Most important you will learn. Even though you cannot see the other players you can learn their moves and habits. Above all else play like you are using real money and soon you will be the chip leader at the tables you play at. Best of luck.

Get an education on poker play by reading everything you can from online great players.

Big difference from what you see on television.

Slow and steady. The key to success is good bankroll management.


Patience and read, watch and just have fun here.