A novice enters!

What do I need to know before I play my first game? Will I be prompted to bid, check or raise? Will I have a chance to select a value? How much time do I have to act? Do all the games go on for hours? Soryy for the ignorance … but this is my first time!

You need to know poker rule-s. Chose slow room. Watch others a bit. You can pre set your check and raise. You will be promted too. I dont get thet one. Slow room you got 20 sec from the previous player act. 10 sec in fast room. Ring game, regular poker rooms go as long you want. Tournament go untill the last person win all. Also, you can read some help here.


All the best

Hi RAJB and welcome:)

Also you can order your page “ring game lobby” on stakes, by clicking on the red “stakes” on top of the page, than you have the biggest or smallest stake rooms on top. Keep the “multi table tournaments” page ordered on “start” , than you have the upcoming tournaments on top.

Check the “multi table tournament” page for the tournaments and especially for the freerolls. On Monday and Wedsneday there are 3 freerolls on the day. Free tourneys, 200k free prize pool and 12 places paid.

On Friday there are 3 special, this Friday there are freerolls. (1x per 3 weeks) Other specials on Friday are the Bounty, 200k free prize pool and 2k you pay for the bounty, and the Special Doubled, you pay 2500 buy-in and ReplayPoker adds 2500 to the prize pool for every player who registers.

Also there are Satellites for the Sunday Million. Buy-in 2k and you win blue tokens which you can use to enter the Sunday Million (you need 2) for free. In the Sunday Million is an added prize pool of 1 Million, increased with the buy-ins. (when you not have blue tokens you can enter pay the 15k buy-in)

Good luck and have fun:) Greetings Happiness.