Can we limit entries?

I play Replay Poker as a distraction from other chores.
I find that when I start a game there might be over 200 entries.
Invariably, if I do well, I spent over an hour playing when I really only have 15 to 30 minutes available.
This annoys me because it means sometimes I have to throw the game because I need to get back to other chores.


If we limited entries to 25 50 or 100 the games would finish faster.
I leave it to the boffins to work out the logistics but I think more games would be played and finished within an hour - or hopefully within 30 minutes.

It looks like you’ve been playing ring games–that can go on forever, as long as new players show up–that you can leave any time you wish, and free roll torunaments that have a lot of entrants. You might want to try a “sit & go” tournament. S&Gs have far fewer players, some as few as two, and can’t possibly take as long to finish. In the Lobby, it’s below the center tab. Pick one and play. Good luck.


Quite right.
I almost exclusively limit myself to free roll tournaments.
(I like winning money without spending money!! It is a personality defect. :slight_smile: )
However I will take your suggestion on board.

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Playing Freerolls means there will almost always be 200+ players at the beginning so the first 3/4 - 1 hour will be winnowing the “chaf” and then serious play commences. SnGs are the way to go for you IMHO if you’re wanting to limit the “time” playing and still have some great fun. Good luck!
Best Always,

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Consider SNG games with a one-table field. Know that means putting a crowbar into your virtual wallet, but the site does give you $2,500 per day. Use the free money.

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Geriatrix, it looks like you’re sitting on a bankroll of about a million chips. If you play only tournaments with buy-ins of 2500 to 5000 chips, you’ll be sitting on 200-400 tournament buy-ins. From a bankroll management perspective, that’s extremely conservative - typically I target about 100 buy-ins, and others on the site aim for 10 or less!

On the other hand, it will definitely limit the size of the field compared to the freerolls. I’m not seeing any recent (last 12 hours) tourney with a buy-in in that range that had more than 120 entries, and only two exceeded 100. Of course, the field will also be a bit tougher, but I’m sure you can handle that. :wink:

Best of luck on the tables!


Does not matter if you play freerolls or 20000 buy ins you are going to be at the table for well over an hr. Tournys are just that way. Freerolls have more players but a buy in of 20000 may have only 16 players, they are more conservitive betters and not bingo players so they last just as long.