New Players

I love new players I honestly do. They always go all in on every hand. I just think that they should have to do some thing before they can play ranked players. We are not here to get credits when ever the are broke. If you are ranked 20,000 or less we all know each other to a extent. We take it serious. Just my take.

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Poker is a learning process. We all think the way to win is to go all-in with the killer hand. Problem is, in the beginning we see almost every hand as that winner. Than we fixate on the aces as god’s gift to us and with such a blessing, we cannot loose. After a few pocket rockets get cracked, those who stay, will progress to proper hand play and strategic betting. Be patient with the newbies. Take their chips for they are the fools who feed the sharks for even the shark is just another fish.


I assume a lot of the “low stakes” players who come into the big buy-in tournaments worked hard to get a free entry. They almost always wash out at some point as the all-in every hand strategy doesn’t work that long against experienced players. Though they can get lucky - like the rest of us - and have some success at times. And it is frustrating to play against them. They are occasionally open to some friendly advice. The rest of the time many of us just get easy chips. I always say gg and wish them luck in the next one.

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Very important to encourage weak players to stick around.


I totally agree.

The problem with the new payer time slots is it is taking away a time slot many of us like to play. Maybe add a 2nd tourney during these times would be helpful??

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LOL—Fresh Fish on the Line.

I agree. Replay Poker is one of the best sites to play with others who respect the game. But it is getting harder every night to find a good table with players who want to play poker. New players are having fun but it would be nice if they had there own table to keep going all in with others who like to on every hand…Sometimes have to go through 3 or 4 tables to find a good one.

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Now there’s Real SHARKS in the “BABY POOL”.

They come to The Duck Pond or next higher table & they go All In because It’s not worth the Pot to challenge them for so little chips & They build up their assets to go back where they normally play.

The biggest complaint I have is if I have to fold possibly Winning cards dealt & THAT makes Me MAD!

Yet I laugh Myself silly when they blow it & THAT’s half the time, So Maybe it has it’s benefits. :money_mouth_face:

lots of “new” players around,they have been around for 5/6 years having a chip count the same as new players…


I also praise bad players that like to show every hand. If they like to show I like to encourage!!!

WP, NH, nice bluff etc. Encouragement always pays off!!!