My current rank is 28,385. How do I improve my ranking?

Hello Replay Poker Community,

Can anyone share how does a player improves his/her ranking?

The higher the number of chips = the better the ranking?

Or what is the specific criteria?


That’s how you do it. More chips !


I find it fascinating that every holiday when a Sale is offered on the price of chips, my ranking drops. When there is no sale, my ranking is consistent or slightly increasing if I am playing well. The point here is that buying chips is the way that people increase their ranking. It stinks, but that’s the way business works.


I’d love to see a true ranking that only reflects what the player has earned


Are you sure fascinating is the word you want to use ? :joy:

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Yes, I’m being generous. Feel free to substitute any word you choose.

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Once you get over a few million chips, this should not happen, unless some people are spending hundreds of dollars on chips.

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Once you get in the top 100 it pretty much levels off. Players of this level don’t but chips because I don’t see any fluctuations in my rank, ever.

I can’t say if buying chips helps in ranking since I haven’t bought chips in the four months I’ve been on the sight.

Prior to the 27th, mine was about 13,400. After winning one of the four Gobbler finals, it improved by about 1,500 places.

My advice. Play smart & make it passed the bubble.

I just wish they would put the tip jar back or equivalent. I refuse to buy chips.

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Everyone would need to give some really big tips to pay the bills here and improve infrastructure.

the equivalent is to become a Premium Member, thereby contributing to the site financially and also having Premium freerolls to play with other members, plus a small bonus chip gift when signing in each day!

I used to drop more in occasional tips than I would ever spend on chips. I realize the site’s desire to know the monthly income but I avoid subscriptions when I can.

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I take your point! I will bring your post to the staff attention and ask whether the tip jar could exist alongside the Premium Membership

Two ways to improve ranking. 1. Win more chips 2. Buy more chips

The bigger your chip stack, the lower your ranking. So a very low ranking means your either buy a lot of chips and support the site and/or you are a very good poker player. Admittedly not the most accurate ranking system, but it is simple and better than no ranking system at all. Just as when you sit at a poker table in Vegas you never know if the guy with the big stack is rich or a good player or both. He could be a fish with a ton of money, but the odds are not favorable to that being the case very often.

I’d rather see everyone’s win percentage.


Stuck at 11156 for a while despite some big wins .
Love to tip though never buy chips

It is a scam, buy more chips n get a higher ranking lol. Just play GOOD poker, win chips and do not give them money for fake chips.

Yep, I’d like it to be computer-rated, wins, losses, folds, where u finish in tournaments etc.

C’mon Replay, fix the ranking. You could easily make it a ranking of your wins/losses over a set period of time, just link in the real life! The higher you are as a net winner, the better the rank.