What's going on with Replay Ranking

For much of 2020, my Replay goal was to get my ranking to under 1000. I struggled and struggled, and it seemed like it was always just out of reach. No matter how many chips I won each day, it seemed like I was just keeping pace with everyone else. I finally broke into the top 1000 players on the site just as the year was ending, and then promptly went on a slide and dropped about 7M chips.

When I hit my peak bankroll I was about 41.6M, and I’m currently at 39.3M. Yet, my Replay ranking is better than ever – I just checked in and it’s 919. When I was at 41.6M, I think my ranking was around 960-980, something like that? Apparently about 100 players ranked higher than me just went on huge slides in the last few days, as I’ve been clawing my way back up from my own slide.

It’s a pretty meaningless number that I don’t have a whole lot of control over, but it’s curious to me how much it’s changing lately.


I believe the answer is inflation. At one point several years ago I had 400m and was ranked in the 50s. Recently, I had over 1b and was ranked around 70.

The value of chips over time will naturally decrease because more chips are being pumped in through bonuses and purchases than are being lost by players leaving the site. There was recently a sale where 1m could be purchased for something like $3, so I imagine that will rapidly increase inflation.

Normally I would think that inflation would push my ranking down, not up. I’ve gained rank, by about 100 places, in the last week, while having fewer chips than I did 3 weeks ago.

Oh, well that is different. It does take time for the rankings to adjust, so maybe it is just random. Or, maybe some people bought millions of chips last week and then lost them. At the higher stakes it is easy to spot the player who just bought a few million chips, and about 5 minutes later they are all gone.

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I noticed the same thing. Although I lost a decent chunk last week, my ranking is now 40 places higher than before. Maybe replay has taken money out of the economy to reduce inflation.

I guess it would make sense… if they closed inactive accounts, maybe?


Hi All,

The same thing happened to me…I was ranking in the high 600’s and when I checked my rank last night, it dropped down to 625. I too lost lost quite a chunk in the last week.

It was also a 40 something drop (or increase) in my rank. I just assumed that there was some kind of glitch or a major mud bath happened at the top ranks…

Would love to hear the final outcome of everyone’s findings.

Meanwhile, Great Luck to All on the Tables!


Quick update, I just checked my rank again and it went to 590. This really sounds like they have deleted some unused accounts, but what do I know. That’s just a guess!

Lucky us who like to check our rank every once in awhile and have a goal!

Good Luck All!

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Can only be purging of old accounts- after spending a couple years in the 6000’s I was
pleasantly surprised to see my ranking improve by over 1400 places !


That’s great Derpen!!!

Thanks Mojo, much appreciated but I am small fry and in awe of you low rankers !

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They must still be at it, because my rank is now down well below 900 today.

Mine’s at 895 and I’ve been hovering between 1050 and 1000 for months - trying to get into the triple digits :slight_smile: I looked a few days ago and it was 1011 and am up around 200K since. That is quite a jump.

I noticed I have moved up 1000 on rankings having been a static ranking for approx 3 months . Presumably all the old account chips revert back to Replay which is deflationary i.e less overall chips in peoples accounts

Hey all – yep! You got it – ranking now only takes active players (those who have logged in within the last several months) into consideration. There will continue to be fluctuations as players are moved in and out of the active pool, whether they’ve stopped playing for a bit, or have returned to the site. But it shouldn’t be quite as dramatic a difference. :slight_smile:


doh, and here I thought I had just become a better player after a few good night’s sleep…

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Not to mention losing old friends. I lost 15 friends in one day and barely left the house!

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Heads up! We’ve extended the active pool to one year, so you may notice your rankings change quite a bit again. This should be the last time we mess with it, so you shouldn’t notice any major differences after today. Thanks for your patience during these adjustments!


Thank you so much for the information!!! Um…can I go back to the first cut…It put me at under 500 ranking! Kidding you and I really appreciate the update!



Just curious. How many active pool (1 yr or less) players as of this posting are there now?