More Accurate Ranking System!

As it stands presently, if you want a high ranking on RP all you have to do is open your wallet and buy a million chips. You can go from 207,000th place to the top 2,000 without playing a hand. Or collect your $2,500 play money chips everyday for 2 weeks, get in a medium stakes ring game, wait for a good hand go all-in and now you rank 2,500th and your a “high stakes” player! Puh-leez!

I think you right. But, you know , most people want more chips, complain about the free chips is not inaf.

Thanks pointing out the oposit.

One more reason, most people not play regulary, they tend to loose they chips quick to the players who play more wise.

Was an idea about make one more rank. Two years ago the top player got “only” 100mill. I not play too much anymore, a year ago my rank was 180 or something, now it is 468. :slight_smile: With the same 3.5 mill