MTTs Starting Late

Noticed this a couple days ago… kept stats tonight.

Diamond Seekers - scheduled for 7:30 pm CST
@ 7:30 – 13 registered
@ 7:37 Preparing Table - started @ 7 min / 30 registered
@ 7:39 Dealing Hands - started @ 9 min / 36 registered
@ 7:54 Registration Closed - continued for 15 min after hands / 77 registered

Registration page says Minimum players: 4

Is this a new policy? A glitch in the system? Some reason folks who are on time being delayed / not allowed to play according to the stated terms?

Just curious - I cudda stayed at the Mexican restaurant another 10 minutes & finished my guacamole!!! LOL



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Replay’s clock is linked with your computer clock. This happened to me too, tourneys always seemed to start late. Just move you computer back a few minutes, and it will sync up.

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Nope… not it… At least I don’t THINK that’s it…
unless my clock is wrong AND Replay syncs to my clock… how convoluted would that be!!
Oh how I wish it were that simple!!

I was using the Replay clock as displayed on the Lobby panel… let me clarify

Diamond Seekers - scheduled for 7:30 pm CST
As displayed on Lobby Panel - - - - - - - @ 7:30 – 13 registered
Lobby Panel says started 7 min ago - - @ 7:37 Preparing Table - @ 7 min / 30 registered
Lobby Panel says started 9 min ago - - @ 7:39 Dealing Hands - @ 9 min / 36 registered
Lobby Panel says started 24 min ago - @ 7:54 77th player registered… no more after that time
(Registration continued for 15 min after dealing started / 77 registered)

If needed, I will go back to replay & include screen shots…

Most computers automatically sync with an atomic clock. In the US, they sync with the one operated by NIST. (National Institute of Standards and Technology) So your computer clock should always be accurate.

Yes… thanks for the rational explanation!!!
Clock is synched now… though t was not last night!!:sunglasses:
I sure hope that was it… but it would mean that Replay syncs with my clock for their display…

Well, atomic clocks aren’t totally accurate… they will lose about 1 second every 15 billion years.

Considering that’s longer than the universe has existed, I would call it close enough.



nooooooo, that isn’t close enough. i want it fixed and i want it to happen before the next 15 billion years are passed :stuck_out_tongue:

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Weird times, when one can’t even trust their atomic clock. SMH :frowning: