Tiiiiimmmmme Is Not On My side

when announcing a tournament don’t just say three hours, I read that at 7:30, figure OK as long as I’m home by 10:30 I’m good, get home to find out it started at 10 and I can’t play. Just a recommendation not complaining one bit…I love you guys at replay!! Keep up the GREAT job. Mel Capone

Hi Mel

Thanks for your suggestion. And perhaps more players have this “problem” For now, when you select a tourney on the mtt page, the exact start time shows on the right of the page.

And thanks for your kind words for the team of ReplayPoker. Greetings Happiness.

Thanks Mel for the suggestion. You’re absolutely right… and we are planning to change the way we display the time to show the actual time, to avoid that exact issue you mentioned.