More Ways to Get Chips!

Buying play money chips has never been easier.

We now accept PayPal, credit card, mobile, bank transfer, home phone and prepaid cards.

Players may purchase:

$5 = 50,000 chips (Play in Medium Stakes) $10 = 100,000 chips (Play in High Stakes) $20 = 250,000 chips (25% More!) $50 = 1 million chips (100% More!) $100 = 2 million chips (100% More!) $150 = 4 million chips (167% More!) US players are welcome.

Also, you can now earn play money chips in a variety of ways, without spending a cent, simply by watching a video, filling out a survey or signing up for various offers.

To get chips click on the “Get Chips” tab in the site menu bar.

im unable to get any chips…when i go to (get chips) it says the page does not exist

There’s a problem with the old link at the moment, we’ll fix it shortly. But instead you can just click the Get Chips tab in the header of the website that goes here:

That should work fine!

I tried that link above, and it says the same thing…websight does not exist :frowning:

can you get chips from points

I got beat by 3 tens when I had 3 queens! they had nothing eles!

that is bull. It is never easy to buy chips on your site. I have been trying for two days to buy points but Pay pal asks for a CSC number but then the space won’t open for me to put it in. so I sign up for pay pal and they tell me it will take 3 to 4 days to get a 1.95 charge approved so they can prove it is my card, oh don’t worry I get the credit back when they get the approval. Then I need to take a number off my statement pertaining to that 1.95 charge and email it to pay pal. Does that sound easy? I have 7,000USD credit line and I have to fight to buy 20.00 worth of chips. Facebook I merely push a button and the charge is made instantly, I never had to go through this crap just to play a game.

This is a reported problem that’s separate from the main topic, so I created a new topic to continue the discussion. Please reference the new topic here: Problem purchasing chips

Your price to buy chips compaired to other sites is very good. Thank you

I have chips to give away how do I do it

We don’t allow players to give away their chips, it’s not fair to other players.

sounds like some cheese and crackers are needed for that whine

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