Replay please sell higher amount of chips!

currently, for the price of $250 you can buy 9 million chips, This is too expensive and too little chips, the joy of poker is to be able to sit down with the best players on the highest limit tables and have fun. Please consider selling 100million chip package and you can make it $1000 dollars! This way we will see more people joining replay poker and the high limit tables won’t be as dead as it is right now!




A site I use to play at I could get 1 mill for 10 bucks

oops I forgot they’re out of business now lol

@NicUrChips , and I bet that site had ppl with gazillions of chips. Not only does chip inflation come into it, Replay also needs to balance that with the ppl that have busted thier butts to have the chips they have…

@Ilovecat , this is a free site, if you want to play against the best players… may I suggest a % of bankroll bets/buyins … I’ll play you heads up for 20% of my Bankroll vs 20% of yours anyday of the week… you can’t just say the top Bankroll players are the “best players” , there’s alot of really awesome players who have between 1m and 5m in thier Bankroll. …AND there’s something to said for working your way up the ladder… isn’t that 1/2 the fun around here ?


if they only have 1 or 5 million then they suck, period!

Sassysarah,i’m sure but if it wasn’t for the buyers none of us would be playing :slight_smile:

i think u should keep buying ur way to 1st place Ilovecat. that would support replay more and u could now be the best player and u would be supporting the 500 chip to 2500 chip players that u think are so bad and u could say u are even better than now.

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Ralphie didn’t know u can buy chip’s! ! Ur kidding??