Chip inflation? not helped by chip sales

I took years to get to 28 million & now I can just buy them for £100-00?

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So are you saying there are too many chips in circulation ?

It might just be me, but I’m not quite sure what you are referring to.

Are you saying that chip sales have increased the number of chips in the game?

Or that you can buy chips cheaply even though you had to work for the ones you got?

Or something else entirely?

Just wondering. All my chips are won. I’ve never bought any, but I have no problem supporting the games I love with real money. Thanks for the question and keep accumulating those wonderful chips.

Obviously the site is a business and needs to be profitable to remain trading.

I was surprised to see a 2500 dollar chip purchase

That type of money to be top 100 on a play money site with no monetary value or cash in seems mad to me but each to their own and how folk spend their hard earned is their business

I think what he meant was,everytime there is a big chip sale our ranks go up from the lower level they were at b4 the sale

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To each his own.

This is so true. I live by one simple philosophy.

The one thing you do not have to justify to anyone else is how you spend your free time. Entertainment is your choice. Even when playing the same game, no one experiences it the same. Therefore, one person cannot judge another for what they choose to do with their time off.

When playing on another person’s site no matter how much you paid to be there, you have to follow their rules or be willing to pay the consequences. The owner of the site has the right to discipline you as they see fit for whatever reason. You have the right to continue to support them or spend your money elsewhere. I love democracy and a free enterprise system.

The only people that don’t have a voice are the ones that never use theirs.

Long Live Replay Poker! Keep up the good work providing a wonderful site for poker players to be themselves!

Love you all!!

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We have a ranking system?

It was more to note that with this amount of chips in circulation & now being able to buy them so cheaply it would be a tough order to make much progress on many tables if you just started with 2500 (like I did) & work your way up through the ring games & tournies against opponents with massive bank rolls (in comparison). Just an observation really. I realise the site needs to make money but just waving chip temptation at everyone by offering more & more chips would seem to be fueling a chip inflation scenario. I would imagine at some point the tournments will be more expensive to enter etc etc. At the end of the day all the chips will gravitate to the top of the tree anyway so it doesn’t really matter I suppose.

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11 month ago happend this:

The rake changes has no relevance to this

This is interesting. Inflation is when the governing entity puts too much currency into circulation and devalues the money used by the population. It takes more money to buy the same item. From an economics standpoint you would be correct.

I don’t really understand this. Can you explain?

Thanks for your help in this matter. Have a great day!!

‘Over time’ the good consistent players will get the chips. little fish eaten by bigger fish eaten by bigger fish & so on…


Replay doesn’t care about how many chips are in circulation. The whole idea of selling chips cheaper is for Replay to make more money.
By cheapening the value of the chips, replay is also encouraging “bingo”. It’s hard to find a table now that is actually about poker. It’s more about seeing who can get lucky–since chips are so cheap now you can bet large amounts whether you have a hand or not.
I’ve never bought chips either but its also taken me years to get to 48 mil. I’d leave the site except I’d lose all I gained over the years. I just have to search VERY HARD to find a poker table

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If to many chips are in circulation, then we get higher rake again.
It looks like in moment are the chips not so very cheap. I got last days a mail, first purchase offer:


1.25 chips 9.99 $ and 28 chips 99.99 $ is not so very cheap. Better I wait for the free chips on next day.

That’s a good analysis. Just like countries printing money until they go bankrupt. A worthless commodity.

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ppl. remember that most games and or tournaments have a 5% rake, this takes chips out of the game so relax lol:).

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But u feel much better earning them, right:)…Who cares as long as there are chips 2 be won. Not like guys measuring awww certain body parts and feeling sad lol.

I only been here about 13 1/2 months. The rake is 5 % for lower games, what was it before? I know bigger gams are less sometimes lower, i think…I know REAL money sites are 5.5% for low games and then a set amount for bigger games (much less of course).

It really doesn’t matter how much the rake is because most of us know it’s recycled back into daily chip rewards and chip sales. Replay Poker is not in business to lose money

I find it odd that players brag about never having bought any chips. I find that kin to saying I never tipped the bar tender. I have never needed to buy chips to play but do so because I understand why I need to buy chips.