Does Replay gift chips?

One of my friends on here had a bankroll of 5,024,367.
She hasn’t played in over 3 months. In fact, she hasn’t even signed in.
Yesterday, her bankroll was suddenly 10,024,367.

Hmmmmm… something is really fishy. Care to explain, Replay?

Someone must have bought her 5 million chips during the Valentines Chip sale. Nice :+1:t2::blush:

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how do you know that Ondrea even had a bankroll of 5,024,367. ? and then could remember that 3mths later ?


I can remember it because I only have 5 friends on here, and their profiles and chip totals are staring me right in the face on my dashboard everytime I sign in to play. In the case of Ondrea, here chip total increased exactly 5 million. Not hard to figure that out.

Way to change the subject though, Tiggy. If I remember correctly, you are the same person about a year ago who was always crying about El Jogador stalking you and taking your chips. I see you haven’t changed your weirdo ways, lol.

I recall reading in another thread about the ability to “gift” or buy chips for another player.

I suppose that is a possibility. My thought was that since she had bought chips in the past (by her own admission), and Replay has seen that she has been inactive for 3 months, they added 5 million chips to her total in order to entice her to come back and play, with the hope that if she lost those (she is a very loose player), she would then buy more.

In the big picture, it’s not important. Just having a discussion.

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I just checked and if you go to the Bank drop down menu, it has a link to buy chips for a friend. But, 3.5 million chips cost $99.99 so the cost of 5 million chips would have to be from a reallyreally really good friend.

I just posted above last weeks 1/2 off chips Valentine’s Day Sale. Anyone can buy anyone chips including for themselves and not have to tell a friend they did ( surprise) .

Hey there is no need to be so rude – please define ALWAYS crying about El-J how many times did I complain? And by they we ended up being friends. At the time I had a right to say how I feel. You have called me a weirdo which is simply rude.
I just asked a question of how you knew the exact amount – and you explained this, I myself don’t log in and look at the dashboard but what you have said makes complete sense so I can see how you knew the amount – yet you had to be rude to me. I just wanted you to help me to understand how you had that amount and now you have but at the same time you did in a disrespectful way and showed nothing but contempt for me.
Repay is a place where we can ask questions and also raise concerns In a controlled manner, I wish you all the best and politely ask you not to call me names again
Why is there something fishy about this for your initial post – why not just be clear and explain that you thought Replay was adding this player chips to entice them back – this is a very strong accusation. Why did you post this in the community forum and not contacts replay direct?
You then went on to say is not it’s not important. Just having a discussion. – Yet your initial post was not about discussion within our community you were asking replay – When I asked a question you went on to be rude and called me weirdo so I see no (just having a discussion)


I tried being normal once…worst two minutes of my life.


You asked a question.

The answer is “No”.

No need to even read whatever it is that you wrote in the body: the answer to your question remains “No”.

Hope this helps.

(Who has no regards for anybody who insults Tiggy)