Earning chips through "SuperRewards"

ok this is my first time commenting on this site. i have been playing on here for a few months now. at first i thought it was really hard, but with some help of some friends i met on here, i changed how i play. Now the problem i have is recieving chips u should be owed, after filling out the sureveys and other ways the site allows u to get extra chips. i have talked with a few moderators now, and they have told me the same exact thing, and that is

"Go to his bank page (http://www.replaypoker.com/getchips) and click the “Get Help” link on the right hand side of “Buy Money Chips”. This takes you to Super Rewards website, (this is the company that processes all the payments and offers) and shows you a list of your most recent activity (see attachment). It tells you what the current status is. You can then click help on here, and it gives you more explanation as to why you may not have received your award yet. If you still think there’s an issue, you can send Super Rewards a support ticket on the next page.

follow these instructions!!"

so listened to them, followed step by step, and i still have not gotten my chips. If ANYONE ca helpme please send me a message and i will reply ASAP.

The mods also told me to wiat 48 hours and contact them again, and they will c what they can do…not giving names 3 have not contacted me, and 1 says they are in he middle of helping me, but idk if they will help me get my chips.

alright, thank you sir. what is the email 4 super rewards?

alright, thank you sir. what is the email 4 super rewards?

when you logged in there; you see help button under support. click then you see; ""Continue to the offer inquiry page » “” follow that .

Instructions on how to contact SuperRewards posted above. Any problem should be directed directly to them through the help links.