Problem purchasing chips

that is bull. It is never easy to buy chips on your site. I have been trying for two days to buy points but Pay pal asks for a CSC number but then the space won’t open for me to put it in. so I sign up for pay pal and they tell me it will take 3 to 4 days to get a 1.95 charge approved so they can prove it is my card, oh don’t worry I get the credit back when they get the approval. Then I need to take a number off my statement pertaining to that 1.95 charge and email it to pay pal. Does that sound easy? I have 7,000USD credit line and I have to fight to buy 20.00 worth of chips. Facebook I merely push a button and the charge is made instantly, I never had to go through this crap just to play a game. Note: This topic was created from a reply on the More Ways to Get Chips! topic.

Hi Deadpoet5023,

I’ve sent you a separate message via the support system, but let me also reply to you here, as you’ve added a bit more info that will help us to track down the problem.

Okay, so it’s an issue with PayPal then. Let me know either here or via the support system whether you’re paying by a paypal account, or with a debit card or credit card (when you first visit the paypal page, it asks you too choose between these two options) - I’m guessing the latter. If so, which Country are you choosing to pay with? I know that each payment page is slightly different depending on the country. Signing up for a PayPal account can be a bit frustrating the first time especially if they ask for extra checks etc.

Also have you tried paying by card with Moneybookers/Skrill? You might find that’s an easier process than PayPal. We hope to some day offer direct credit card payments via the website, but right now it’s much easier for us to go through one of the payment providers. That way we can spend more development time focussing on improving the game itself, which we much prefer doing.

Also do you have a Google Checkout account, we’ve been thinking of adding that too. If for example you have an android phone then you’ll already be using google checkout, so that would make it easy to resolve the payment.

Hopefully we can quickly resolve your problem.

  • Paul.