Making income on Replay

I see a lot of people spending a LOT of time on Replay. (myself included)

Are you guys making any income from playing on Replay? If so, how?

If not, do you know of any ways to make an income playing poker on Replay? Otherwise, I have to get a job. lol

Or how do you guys play poker all day? Are you independently wealthy?

My suggestion is get a job. No real money here.

I own businesses which gives me the luxury of free time.

Best of luck


I’m actually very glad I didn’t discover poker (or knitting) until after I retired. Otherwise I’d be living on the street. lol


Well said Jan :joy:

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I had one of those job thingies once, but some jerk kept trying to tell me what to do. I think he might of been Bruce Springsteen, because he was always yelling that he was “the Boss,” as if I was supposed to be impressed or something.

Anyway, that got to be a drag, so I cancelled my real life account to make more time to watch funny cat videos and play free poker.


Well played, SPG. I applaud your initiative.