Plaz.... Please.... Let's Make Lemonade!


Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute!

Plaz is sorta right, but he is also sorta wrong. More correctly, he is on the right track but hasn’t figured out a solution.

As an example:

I watched some little league baseball the other day and those kids played their hearts out. They wanted to win, each and every one of them. Curiously, that evening I went to see a semi-pro team play, and they too played their hearts out. True, they were paid a little money but they all had major jobs. Obviously minor league ball and major league ball, differs in that there is the money factor, but the game itself is still played with heart.

The problem with Free Poker is that it hasn’t figured out how to get players to become dedicated.

There was one site, Poker Academy, and it created a system whereby you had to earn chips (called Pax) in freeroll, and then you had to earn your way up the ladder. It was a great place to learn poker.

ReplayPoker, I have come to believe, even with its free chips, and with its paid for chips, does have the structure that allows players with heart to earn their way out of the lower ranks and work up to where there is less and less careless play. Yes, we have very dedicated professional level play at ReplayPoker.

But Plaz’s email made me think, how can we make the lower levels work better.

Here’s my idea, based on trying to make the free chips have value.

Fist let me say I hope Paul Gould makes billions of dollar with Replay; it is a great place. He is smart enough to earn money by selling chips to people who want to bypass the lower levels. I suggest that these people are serious players and they get that verified by either increasing their chips or by losing them and maybe learning a good lesson in bank management.

But let’s assume that Paul earns a few sheckles with this site.

Maybe the thought of correcting the problem is to set aside a certan amount each year ad then have monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, or annual prizes as a part of dedicated play by anybody who wants to join. My preference would be tournaments, but I don’t really care.

I would love to wear a ReplayPoker sweatshirt, or win a bronze ring, or win a plaque for my play.

Please support this idea and help give it some wheels. Let’s turn the lemon into lemonade.


when life gives you lemons, make lemonade!


Well as usual you lost me scratch. Not sure what I did wrong this time lol or what you are asking me PLEASE to do but if I knew, I would gladly accommodate.