Replay Poker YouTube Channel

Hello all,

We are in the process of creating a YouTube channel and we need your help.

We would kindly ask players to subscribe to our YouTube channel so that we can hit the required number of subs to improve our offering in this arena.

It’s 100% free to subscribe, and is merely a show of support for the site. You can also choose to be alerted every time we post something new.

In order to subscribe for free, please log in to your YouTube account and subscribe to the following channel:

As you can see, the url name is ugly and we need your help to hit 100 subs in order to change it to something way prettier!

If anyone has any suggestions for content for the Replay Poker YouTube chanel, please let us know!



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Subscribed as requested! Good luck!

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Subscribed to the channel!


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Yeah I subscribed too.

So far, all i see up are 2 adverts. People don’t subscribe to watch advertising.

I would suggest developing a TV-type show around your Bust the Staff tourney. Run it with a technical commentator and a color commentator. Your backend lets you see all the cards all the time, so just use replays of the hands where staff busted out, and maybe add highlights of the final table.

Youtube will not recommend or promote channels that don’t publish content on a regular basis. Regular as in once a week or so, like clockwork.

Good luck!


Hey SPG,

As you have noted, it is a work in progress.

I just wanted to touch on one of your comments:

“Your backend lets you see all the cards all the time”

I wanted to make it clear that no-one can see any cards in real time and no staff member has any knowledge of any hand that is in progress. We, of course, keep records of all the hands after they are finished.

Thanks for your feedback, it is appreciated.



Yeah sorry, I should have mentioned that. I meant that you do have access after the fact, not real-time.

The point is that you could sort of simulate the holecams used in televised poker shows, and already have the hands “recorded.”

Anyway, sorry. I stopped creating malicious rumors after Y2K, I didn’t mean to get a new one going. :stuck_out_tongue:


Very cool, I had already subscribed to the channel !

Maybe some kind of “Top 5” of the week ? Top 5 hands, coolers…

I’ll write it when I have a suggestion, gotta think about it !

Good luck with the channel!


Done… :wink:

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Done and confirmed!

30 :+1:

Subscribed and turned on notifications :wink:

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A very good point, Randy–turning on notifications isn’t something I had thought of. Now I’ve done that too!


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Subbed :slight_smile: goodluck