Leagues a Ripoff?

So they convinced me to play the American League and I gotta say I have had fun. But wait just a minute, who is the real winner? REPLAY ALWAYS WINS! Lets see, if I play both the American Dream at 8pm, and the following 9pm tourney, that is 20K chips a night. It runs for the month, just say 30 days. Hmmmm (as I say often on bingo all ins), that is 600K for the month! So, if you place first for the month on the Leader board, you can win 600K. Hmmmm,

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Who is “they”?

@timbershot ,
There’s no way players will win a regional leaderboard without sucess playing the included MTTs. Therefore the 20k they pay each day should get offset by “cashing”, thus the bonus is profit.

Most people I run into, that play for any of the leaderboards, still are expecting to recover thier entry fees by cashing in the events… rather than from the Leaderboard. I personally include that bonus into my calculation on overall profitability in promotions. Thus I might invest 200k to win 600k, but I still expect to also offset entry fees by good finishes and cashing.

For the most part Timbershot, I believe that Leagues on Replay are not a rip-off.

Having said that, lets say of the 60 MTTs you played, you won 2 of them. That right there, should pretty much pay your entry fees for the whole month or darn close to it.


Sarah beat me to the punch, but I’m posting anyway…

Well… if you’re a good enough player you should get enough finishes in the money to pay for your buy-ins. The league leaderboard chips are just butter on the bread. And then there’s also the synergy with the monthly low and medium leaderboards.

I mean… I’ve been in the running for the top 10 on the regional league leaderboards without playing anywhere close to all 60-ish games a month. I made my buy-ins back and then some.

Fact is most players do not win first place, ever. I have finished in the top five on leaderboard last two months, both a loss for the month. Just saying. The real profit goes to replay, you can’t deny it. When you look at the board, it will tell you how many players it is updated with. If even half of those players are regulars, and play most of the tourneys, the number of chips collected by REPLAY is 300,000,000. And then they pay out about 1,200,000 for a profit of 298,800,000. Wish I could make profits like that in my company.

If you switch to accepting play money that you print yourself in exchange for your product, you could also avoid paying taxes, so further increase your profits.


I guess the point is, if that is how real money tournaments paid out, NOBODY WOULD PLAY!

Could be I’m wrong, happens on a regular basis. I will recheck my math tonight.

These numbers are just wrong. Where ever you got the 1.2M from I’m assuming it is the bonus chips for placing on the leaderboard. That is what it is… a bonus. Of the 300M you talk about at least 90% of those chips go back into the prize pool for those tournaments. So Replay profits 30M from those but they have operational expenses too that must come from the 30M so that’s not even all profit.

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I will use all your numbers to avoid further complications.
300m collected in entry fee’s
1.2m paid in prizes.
Profit to replay 298m

Its pointless to quibble about 300m or 310m or 290m collected, so I’m all good with the 300m number.
1.2m in prizes is completely false, the Prizefund is 3m … its only 1st place that gets 600k.
298m profit, thats absurd as Dayman already pointed out… in a MTT the house takes a 10% rake, the rest gets paid back to the players… so thats 30m as dayman said.

So, of the alledged 30m that was collected, aprox 10% or 3m was paid back out as a bonus for those who did well. For those of us who have commented on or care about, the “chip economy @ Replay” , we can gather 27m was removed from the economy for this 1 part of Replay.

Because ReplayPoker isn’t a casino, the overall chip economy has a direct coralation to what Replay can/cannot reasonably charge for chip purchases. Normally, in a casino, yes that 27m would be “gross profit” not “net profit”… huge difference between the two.

Some people will say “the Leaderboards are just bonus paid to the players who do well, and are a way to quantify how players rank against each other in a like minded evaluation, giving them the ability to compete with others on a larger scale.” Others people say “The Leaderboards themselves are the game being play’d for, and that the ind. MTTs are just the battles not the war, and judge profit at times solely on entries fees invested and bonuses won… where each MTT’s payout becomes the gravy so to speak.”

Either way, Replay Poker has no obligation to offer bonuses. You paid entry fees to play in those MTTs, you did/didnot win back your entry fees thru payout in those MTTs.

While winning any Leaderboard might be extremely profitable, the basic thing any of us players “win” , is … bragging rights, reputation, and grats from other players.

You also , as dayman touched on, completely ignored the monthly Leaderbaords. When you play a 5k Regional MTT, you get T-pts for both that regional LB and the monthly Low LB. While you will need to play more than 30 MTTs for that LB, you just got 30 MTTs worth of points for FREE, that you didn’t have to invest in paying for or time playing in… and you got that in both the Monthly Low and Med LBs.

Leaderboards are not a Ripoff.
There might be a case to be made that all those bonuses are going to ppl who already are turning a profit, so the rich are getting richer ( lol ), but really thats only the monthlys/ yearlys, cause if you already got paid on another leaderboard, getting paid twice is gravy yet again. Some people aren’t happy about how how winners might be reported on the blog, because it seems selective… They don’t see listed there, those in the Gemstones or Astral Leagues and some promos… but thats a different thread altogether.

I have been here for over 3 years, and I’m not on replay poker’s staff, not a Prep, or even a Volunteer. I’m also not prolly on Replay’s happy list ( roflmao ) :roll_eyes: … But I can say this,
Replay Poker has greatly expanded the Leagues and Promotions they offer, to be more inclusive to thier playerbase. For that I have always given ReplayPoker Kudos.


if you play for a month and win the 600k surely you will win a ton of money in the way of prize money from the games you did well in, the money given by replay is just an added bonus but i suspect you make your money by placing or winning thus replay is not ripping you off, i must be honest if you play 2 comps a night for 30 days and cannot get any places, wins big results like 2nd or 3rd maybe give up poker because if you cannot place or win at least two games out the 60 you will play well i am afraid you not really up for the challenge. maybe go play bingo or play the 1k game or free games if you cannot win games or place highly which means recouping your money which means you lose nothing and make a profit. When i won the monthly comp i was up 1.5m chips for that month.


…kinda the same thing…:wink:


Don’t chase the “All In Bingo Players” For one thing, they will eliminate themselves!

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You all are discussing free chips right?


I dont know about every one else but i make a million chips a month just playing the mtt oceanic replay tourment and on top of that i own the record for the most points ever scored in that tourment but hey not every one is lloyd12 its good to be me l.o.l.

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Replay chips have no value. You can’t spend them at a store. There is an unlimited supply of chips.

No there is not a unlimited supply of chips unless your buying them im talking about earning them theres a difference.

If one is having fun and being entertained at no actually cost… How can it be a rip off? Sorry, just thinking out loud.