Just too languorous for me!

Since your forum is so sensitive, lacks any resemblance of a sense of humor,and chose to remove my quite humorous comment, then I think its best that I no longer post here. I wouldn’t wish to offend any precious wall flowers with my bright and bubbly personality.


Well, I for one always laughed at your comments and think you will be sorely missed! BUT, then again I consider myself a MAN, so what do I know!? LOL!


Hey AngelinaB
I have been censured/removed quite a few times, don’t take it too personally, my humour in real life if I tried to bring it here would probably get me thrown of the site never mind the forum :slight_smile: but sometimes I forget and post something brutal or cruel, which I think is humorous. I just accept it when it’s taken down.
We just have to keep it within the guidelines and remember there are a wide variety of folk here of different ages and backgrounds, church goers to drug fiends and many are as you say quite easily offended.
No personal attacks, over doing the swearing and no politics, cant go wrong.
Give the forum a chance, we just have to adapt, your still allowed to be funny :wink:
Best wishes Mark


I’ve had so many innocuous posts removed because someone was so sensitive, including my saying “Yahtzee” one time. For that one someone complained that I was promoting a commercial product. So, yes, it can be petty sometimes, but I got over it. I don’t recall seeing any post of yours that was offensive.



Probably because it was deleted.


I’ve been unfairly censured so many times on here some were automatically censored and others were by the moderator (and I know who she is). And, I still post.


Sometimes you just have to grow thick skin, roll with it and live to post another day. I never take it personally. Most times I rethink my post and and phrase it in another post ( like the show Jeopardy) rephrase it in the form of a question :joy:


Having a sense of humour is frowned upon!

Trying NOT to have too much fun is a safe rule to abide by! I always know if I start having too much fun, I will get into trouble!

I got a chat violation warning years ago for calling a Billionaire player a bingo player! lol I wasn’t even playing with the player nor attacking/insulting them. I was purely commenting on their play style and some random player at the table decided to report my comment.

Maybe the bingo word should be censored if it is an obscene offensive racist word? Maybe start calling it the B word to be safe? This player is a B word player. I’m getting tired of playing B word tonight. Is going all in with AK a B word?

A while ago it was against the rules on RP to play B word too! How ironic is it to make a rule its against the rules to play B word on a FREE social media B word poker site?

I stopped wasting my time on the forums for over a year for a similar reason. Try not to take the site so seriously, and understand that we are all children and need to behave like good little children with with very prim and proper humour and just remember: try to be less “bubbly” and more boring and everyone will have more fun on RP.

P.S. As @r_i_c_k mentioned I too am very sensitive about my gender, and a delicate cat - not a wall flower. Please Handle me with care and try not to make humour of my backward A$$ rules.


If you’re going to reply to me at least reply to what is written as it was written, please. Thankyou

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Too many overly sensitive people on the forum with no sense of humour that’s one of the reasons this place is BORING!!!

If you cater to the weak and suppress the strong long enough; what is the end product. I may not have any control of the world around me, but I still have the option to avoid the manipulation on here. Which in and of itself means I am being manipulated not to post. :slight_smile: I guess there’s no winning in this evil world.

There is a deeper meaning in this comment, one that transcends the pages of replay.

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Sounds to me like you’re reading a bit too much into things. Play the game, chat or don’t chat at the tables, your choice at the end of the day, nobody gets manipulated on here, we are all free to go about it our own way.


Hi AngelinaB,
If you feel you have been unfairly moderated in the forum then please message me here or via PM. As Forum Mod I am more than willing to discuss this with you, but not via the open forum as I am not permitted to discuss individual moderation in a thread.
You also might like to study the Replay Poker Community Forum Guidelines too.


Sounds to me like you’re not reading deep enough into what I said, it seems to have eluded you. Oh well, play on :slight_smile:

Thank you, no surprises here, all is well.

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The philosophy of RP has been the same way for years, with the same trolls on and off the FORUMs. Languorous is a perfect word - I had to Google it! This is why many of my friends also stopped posting on the FORUMs too IMO.

I’ve been on the FORUMs for years and have a fair bit of experience in understanding how it works. I have never flagged a post bc the player has offended me or even posted completely off topic from posts I have created and completely made a mockery or the FORUMs. I’m all for free will and freedom of speech, jokes, banter etc but OFC don’t condone insults, attacks, trolling behaviour which there seems to be a lot of lately. There is a very clear difference - although its hard to interpret the intent of text without hearing the persons speech.

A site I’m getting more and more bored playing on!

OFC! This issue is an extremely complex issue that goes much deeper than a FREE bingo social media poker site! Social Media is extremely poorly regulated and new - and affects the world globally. These companies make it up as they go. At the end of the day RP is what it is, and from my experience will not change - and only affects a bunch of players on a FREE bingo Social Media Poker site.

All Social Media is doing an extremely poor job regarding the “deeper meaning” so its a bit unfair to expect RP with a much lower budget to be setting the gold standard.

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I totally agree, I expect nothing less or nothing more from RP, it’s just a poker site.

This is not confined to Social Media, society (the powers that be (especially in the US)) is catering to the weak and suppressing the strong to the detriment of all? We are all being manipulated on a daily basis.

I know this is really not the place for such talk, but I am not one to sit back and say nothing when I feel my rights have been infringed upon. :slight_smile:

There is very little that RP, Social Media, or “society” could do at this point that would shock or surprise me.

Good Luck at the tables! :slight_smile:

Wow, I have never read such utter crap for many a day, you live in an outrageously unequal society, where the weak are shat on on a daily basis, keep living in your bubble, jeeezus
Ban me if you all want, ■■■■ me sideways


Ah yes, no surprises here!!!

Bollocks, it could be a canter if you were just a wee bit less of

I totally agree, they cater to the weak in mind to keep them oppressed while suppressing the strong ( the ones who would help the weak) to the detriment of all.