" Discourse ", hmmmm

Well @fizzymint , you did bring up discourse ( the forum software ) in a recent thread so why not make a thread outta it, shall we … hehehe

1st off, I wanted to build a survey, not a poll and I can’t see a way to do it… thats not a huge deal but its something off the bat… My biggest beef with discourse is endless scroll vs pages… This is most usefull when someone comes in in the middle of a thread, they both need to go to the beginning and the end easily… and scrolling is soo inneficient… That leads to the next thing I don’t see, a bottom of the page with “users online” “visitors” “members” ect ect ect… all other forums I have used had bottoms…

All other forums have had a PM feature thru the forum… so like you, since you’re mainly on staff to run the community, ie- the forums… most of your time is spent here, rather than replay… so when a forum specific problem occurs, ppl cannot just PM you here, saving time for you to go back/forth between the forum and Replay to get such messages… Yes, you could be double screen’n it… duhh… most other forums do have PMs.

Having used Discourse now for 18 months-ish, I can say… I’m not a fan, Its the overall feel Fizzy, I can’t put my finger on it really, I have used lots of forums and it just feels wrong, it feels clunky and chunky… but yeah the deal breaker is no “pages” … when you have a " << < 1…2…3…4…17 > >> ", it just makes navigation soo easy-peasy… I’m NOT saying everything about discourse sux, it just feels wrong.

I actually think this might be a boon for Replay Fizzy… there’s alot of good opensource (free) forum software out there, PLUS there might just be one that includes chat … We are a community right ??? well chat’s a part of that…

Every poker site has tables, but every poker site doesn’t have This community… Sometimes ya go to the mom-pop down the road and not TheOliveGarden because you want “atmosphere” and a home made touch… Thats how I see Replay, its that mom-pop that ya love…

So you mentioned it Fizzy, please drive this thread so it does you maximum benefit.


Note to readers of this thread so as not to confuse anyone.

Replay poker is a website.

Having a forum on a website is a part of the website and the forum software does not drive the whole website.

Discourse is open source and is used for forums , chat and mailing lists and a few other applications and is run on JavaScript.

Discourse is just a piece of many other software applications that drive a site.

Hope that helps alleviate any confusion when talking about a piece of the whole .

Discourse software does not run all of Replay Poker.

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Didn’t think I was very confuzing there…

After researching possibilities Fizzy, ok so maybe there is a split in that arena that don’t feel chat should be included in Forums… it was very intyeresting to read a few blogs explaining Pros & Cons of the whole issue…

I think the current software ( for the forum ) leave much to be desired of , for sure… a few things I really like… I do wish stuff like surveys were possible, and PMs for sure…