Spell Checker?

We need a SPELL CHECKER!!! for the chat bar. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve felt like an idiot (not hard to do) fer mispellong mi mispeled woirds. And maybe even a TRANSLATER? I hate it when I’m being insulted in a foreign language and don’t even know it.

“I played poker with a psychic last night. I won all his money. Shouldn’t he have known that I was bluffing most of the time?”
–VP Pappy

How do you know you are being insulted…maybe they’re commenting on your excellent looks and poker skills :slight_smile:


Well it looks like you need a spell checker in the forums too because you miss spelled 5 words in your 2nd sentence in your post here lol. How do you know they are insulting you if you dont know or understand that particular language and how do you know they can tell that you miss spelled words when they might not know correct spelling of your language? … Or maybe they are insulting you because of your miss spelling :slight_smile: If thats the case and that important to you then just ask someone on your table how to spell those words then go back and correct it while sitting out a hand lol. FYI there is a back button you can use to correct typed words when that happens. I dont think having all language translators working full time watching every hand at every table waiting for a foreign language to be typed is tops on their priority list right now, not to mention all the foreign players would need a translator too to be fair even though most speak 3 or 4 languages. I would have to give that suggestion a thumbs down for now lol.