A "new" category

Something I’ve noticed over the past year is how much the RP community talks about music.

It seems as if there are almost always 3 to 5 different threads about music active at any given moment–that’s a bit over 20% of all active threads, by the way.

Other than that music appears to be a basic human interest, I can offer no explanation for its continuing popularity. I’m merely observing what has been a pretty consistent pattern.

I’d suggest we create a separate Category specifically for music and consolidate all the recent music-related threads under it rather than having music scattered over all other threads.

If you agree this should be done, just reply to this thread. It will be obvious from the responses whether or not this is a useful idea.


Always had the Replay sounds very soft with music playing gently in background. Now I mainly listen to acoustic music from around the World when in a big game with Replay hardly making a whisper- if at all. Easily keeps the focus on the game while transported to far off lands and cultures.

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It would be even better if Replay had a music player embedded on the site to listen to while playing poker and then there wouldn’t really be a need for all the music threads, you could just embed your favorite songs to the player. :musical_score:

Don’t we already have one called “what are you listening to now” ?


That’s a thread within another category. I’m wondering if “music” should be a separate category to itself with all the threads concentrated there.

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I dont mind the idea. Maybe Sub categories. I guess the important thing is why split into a new category? Is music post distracting from other off topic posts? Will separate it into a separate category improve viewers overall ability to browse through the Off Topic category?

Overall I think the FORUMs could be improved a lot. I would like to see the option to add tags when creating a FORUM. Maybe sub sections for each categories etc. Currently when I create a new FORUM it often says its similar to this completely unrelated thread. The system is pretty useless & unreliable. Its like an the system has English as its second language and has no understanding of the context of posts. It picks a few words here and there and tries to call them similar. Using specific tags would improve the system IMO.

Exactly. I would merge them all there. :+1:t2:

Am asking if this would be possible, watch this space!

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Great idea @Alan25main! I agree it would be an easy way to view and talk about everyone’s favorite music.

To help out, I’ve just created a new sub category within Off Topic called Music here: https://forums.replaypoker.com/c/off-topic/Music/


Super! I’ll toss one in soon to forward the parade.

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Eso suena como una buena idea. Por favor haz eso.

If we assume that the “math” used in calculating raises and assigning values to your poker hands as being “left hemisphere” of the brain, then is it really surprising that people listen to music while playing poker (music is “right hemisphere”). One needs to be balanced, don’t they?

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Call me “oldschool”, but that’s what a stereo system is for… :grin:

Music is balancing you anyway :grin:

Ok I’ll call you “ old school “. A “ real player “ is a program on a computer that plays music and video and most sites have it embedded. That is how you hear music or sound on any website you visit. Your “ Stereo “ is a stand alone machine.