Why do we all seem to like music so much?

At this moment, I count four different threads about music, not counting this one. A really quick search reveals another four, and I didn’t look very far. Further, I know music and/or songs have popped up on other, supposedly non-musical, topics. So there’s an amazing amount of interest and appreciation for music of all types here in the RP forums. I’ve always thought of us as a POKER site. Are we really a MUSIC site that has poker games or a poker site that likes music?

The difference between music and noise, is how it’s organized. I can imagine songs without rhyme–though I couldn’t name one off hand–but I cannot imagine any musical form with rhythm. The musicians wouldn’t know what to play, would they? I know I’ve listened to Verdi opera, old English Christmas carols, jazz, folk music from all corners of the world, big band, rock, rat pack, and rag time just in the past two months, all here at RP.

When I listen, it’s like a drive-by, I catch one song, three at most, and run away. How–and why–do you listen to it? What is it about music that so fascinates us?


The reason I like music is because of the memories , I could be in a bad moon and then I hear this one song that brings back such great memories and before you know it I am singing and smiling . I don’t listen to new music , I listen to music from the 70’s / 80’s back when you could actually hear the words that are sung. There are so many songs that will remind me of an old friend that I may not have thought of in years which then reminds of where we were and what we were doing. So to answer your question music makes me smile.


Sharon said it all very well. I love listening to music and can find something
GI like in almost any genre. I do have a little trouble with Rap, but there are a few that work for me. I love coming to the forum and listening to the different songs that have been posted when I have some time between tournaments. Usually something reminds me of one that I go get and post. I like those threads that all the posts are connected in some way. Like Allen, If it is a song with lyrics, I want to be able to hear the words and hopefully there is a storyline. I do like good instrumentals too. I am glad you made this thread Allan. Should be interesting.


We all love music. I think a question that might be embedded in this one is why it’s so much fun to talk about it on this forum. I have a theory that taste in music, lyrics in music, rhythm in music–all of it tells something about us to others. Sharing that here is a great way to become acquainted without getting embroiled in topics that go no where. Here, coincidentally, is a song about just that! Getting to Know You